The Queen of My Dreams – 2024 SXSW Film & TV Festival Official

Catch Screenings & Feelings: SXSW Film & TV Official Selections To Fall In Love With In 2024

SXSW Film & TV Festival screenings are more creative and captivating than anything you'll find on an online dating app. SXSW brings Hollywood to Austin from March 8-16 for world premieres of 115 feature films, including 23 unforgettable love stories.

Catch screenings like Michael Showalter's music festival whirlwind romance The Idea Of You starring Anne Hathaway and Nicholas Galitzine; director and screenwriter Fawzia Mirza's dramedy The Queen of My Dreams; A Nice Indian Boy starring Karan Soniand and Jonathan Groff; and other Official Selections.

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Adrianne & The Castle

Adrianne & The Castle – 2024 SXSW Film & TV Festival Official

A true story of love and loss, Adrianne & The Castle documents the unique life of the St-Georges who built a castle to their love in rural Illinois. Now facing the future without the love of his life, Alan grapples with his grief through creative musical re-enactments of their story, transporting him into the fantasy world they created together. (World Premiere)

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Beach Logs Kill

Beach Logs Kill – 2024 SXSW Film & TV Festival Official

In this nightmarish queer awakening story set at a high school football game, the star quarterback promises to pass down her lucky number to the most deserving girl on the team. But when the game goes horribly awry, an awkward girl in detention attempts to prove herself worthy of the captain’s love, legacy, and soul... (World Premiere)

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Ben and Suzanne, A Reunion in 4 Parts

Ben and Suzanne, A Reunion in 4 Parts – 2024 SXSW Film & TV Festival Official Selection

In Ben and Suzanne, A Reunion in 4 Parts, Ben Santhanaraj journeys to Sri Lanka to rekindle his relationship with Suzanne Hopper, an American NGO worker, after a long separation. But when Suzanne's boss demands she work during their vacation, their love is tested by a dilemma: desire versus duty. As Suzanne struggles with the responsibilities of her job, Ben tries everything to revive their intimacy, leading to candid conversations and chaotic twists as New Year’s Eve - and Ben’s departure - looms ahead. (World Premiere)

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The Idea Of You

2024 SXSW Closing Night Film, The Idea of You

The Idea of You centers on Solène, a 40-year-old single mom who begins an unexpected romance with 24-year-old Hayes Campbell, the lead singer of August Moon, the hottest boy band on the planet. When Solène must step in to chaperone her teenage daughter’s trip to the Coachella Music Festival after her ex bails at the last minute, she has a chance encounter with Hayes and there is an instant, undeniable spark. As they begin a whirlwind romance, it isn’t long before Hayes’ superstar status poses unavoidable challenges to their relationship, and Solène soon discovers that life in the glare of his spotlight might be more than she bargained for. (World Premiere)

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A Nice Indian Boy

A Nice Indian Boy – 2024 SXSW Film & TV Festival Official Selection

Self-effacing doctor Naveen Gavaskar meets Jay Kurundkar, a white man adopted by two Indian parents, when Jay takes his picture at the hospital. Despite initial skepticism on Naveen’s part, the two quickly fall in love. Naveen avoids telling his traditional family—parents Megha & Archit and sister Arundhathi—who accepted his sexuality years earlier and are close to him but increasingly don’t know much about his life. Eventually, inevitably, Jay, with no family of his own, has to meet the Gavaskars, who have never met a boyfriend of Naveen's. What follows is the comedic & heartfelt collision between the family, Jay and Naveen, caught between the versions of himself his family and Jay know. (World Premiere)

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The Queen of My Dreams

The Queen of My Dreams – 2024 SXSW Film & TV Festival Official

In 1999, the sudden death of her father Hassan sends queer Muslim grad student Azra flying back to her ancestral home in Pakistan, where her stern mother Mariam demands she play the role of the perfect grieving daughter. But through flashbacks to Mariam's own life in Karachi 30 years before, we see the connections uniting mother and daughter, starting with their shared love of the Bollywood star Sharmila Tagore. (World Premiere)

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Tennis, Oranges

Tennis, Oranges – 2024 SXSW Film & TV Festival Official

In a pandemic-era hospital, a robotic vacuum, bored by its repetition, decides to quit. Seeking a more meaningful existence, it ventures to a quiet Chinatown street. There, it encounters two solitary rabbits, each trapped in their own repetitive routines. As the vacuum befriends one of these characters, it finds a sense of community and begins to explore a broader purpose beyond its programmed tasks of cleaning. A dance ensues and for a time things are good. But all good things in life can't last. (World Premiere)

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Timestalker – 2024 SXSW Film & TV Festival Official

Timestalker follows hapless heroine Agnes through time as she repeatedly falls for the wrong guy, dies a grim death, gets reincarnated a century later, before meeting him again and starting the cycle anew. It is one story told over many periods, all with the messy thrills and spills that come with daring to follow your heart. Or maybe your loins... Agnes’ only hope in avoiding this violent fate is by finally reaching spiritual enlightenment; but how can she ever wise up when she’s destined to be a fool for love? Some lessons are just too hard to learn in one lifetime. (World Premiere)

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Valentine's Day Playlist

2024 SXSW Showcasing Artists

Let the SXSW Valentine's Day Playlist be the soundtrack to your love life featuring 2024 Showcasing Artists.

Falling in love with your partner, your bestie, and yourself has never sounded so good! Tune into songs like "Corazón" by Midnight Navy, "911" by waterbaby, "lovers&friends" by greek, "Favorite Girl" by Chxrry22, "Chiki Bombón" by Estevie, and more for all the feels.

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