2019 World Music Showcases From Africa, Brazil, Colombia, and more

Grupo Rebolu - Photo by Diana Bejarano

The 2019 SXSW Music Festival is just days away, and we’ve announced Showcasing Artists from 64 countries around the world. These acts will take the stage at bars, clubs, concert halls, dives, and parks all over downtown Austin to show the SXSW community the music of their respective homelands. Whether you’re looking for reggae, afropop, cumbia, reggaeton, Norteño, international pop, or experimental music – there’s something for everyone. To help you find the perfect show, we’ve put together a list of showcases focused on music from around the world, but to get the complete picture, we recommend diving into the SXSW Schedule as well. Plenty of great international artists are spread throughout showcase lineups not dedicated to their specific regions or styles.

World Showcases

Arranged by Date

Sounds from the WorldRussian House on Tuesday
Sounds from ChileFriends on Tuesday
Reggae ShowcaseFlamingo Cantina on Tuesday
Sounds from the WorldRussian House on Wednesday
KEXP/EpicentroJavelina on Wednesday
DigiwaxxBuffalo Billiards on Wednesday
Sounds from the WorldVictorian Room at The Driskill on Wednesday
Sounds from MexicoFlamingo Cantina on Wednesday
Volumen / ACHE ProduccionesHalf Step on Wednesday
Latin ShowcaseStephen F’s Bar on Wednesday
BMI LatinSpeakeasy & Speakeasy Kabaret on Wednesday
Latin ShowcaseCU29 on Wednesday
Sounds from the WorldRussian House on Thursday
WOMEXFlamingo Cantina on Thursday
Universal Latin / La Casa del SonidoHalf Step on Thursday
DigiwaxxBuffalo Billiards on Thursday
Sounds from SpainMaggie Mae’s Gibson Room on Thursday
Africa to the WorldHighland Lounge on Thursday
Sounds from ColombiaSpeakeasy & Speakeasy Kabaret on Thursday
Sounds from the WorldRussian House on Friday
NPR Alt LatinoFlamingo Cantina on Friday
DigiwaxxBuffalo Billiards on Friday
Sounds from Puerto RicoSpeakeasy & Speakeasy Kabaret on Friday
Africa to the WorldHighland Lounge on Friday
globalFEST & Afropop WorldwidePalm Door on Sixth & Patio on Friday
CosmicaSeven Grand & Las Perlas on Friday
Latenight LaggersMalverde on Friday
WARPAugustine on Friday
Casa UrbanaHalf Step on Friday
CaraduraJavelina on Friday
Latin ShowcaseCU29 on Friday
SX Salsa & TropicalParker Jazz Club on Friday
Sounds from the WorldRussian House on Saturday
CaraduraJavelina on Saturday
ACHEHalf Step on Saturday
Sol LifeSpeakeasy & Speakeasy Kabaret on Saturday
Africa to the WorldHighland Lounge on Saturday
Brasil Music ClubLucille on Saturday
Casa UrbanaHalf Step on Saturday

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Grupo Rebolu – Photo by Diana Bejarano

By Hayden Bagot




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