Music Keynote: Shirley Manson & Lauren Mayberry with Puja Patel [Video]

Garbage frontwoman Shirley Manson and CHVRCHES vocalist Lauren Mayberry joined Pitchfork editor-in-chief Puja Patel for a SXSW Keynote Conversation in association with PRS Foundation’s Keychange program covering their experiences in the male-dominated music industry, female representation at music festivals, separating art from the artist (which both musicians do not do), and much more.

The trio discussed female representation throughout music – calling for more thorough representation on stages and in boardrooms. They also addressed tokenism, pointing out that their successes should not come at the expense of other artists not being afforded the room to also succeed. The iconic musicians also acknowledged their privilege relative to non-white female artists to remind listeners that these types of conversations are in their early stages and that we have a lot of room to grow as a society and industry.

“I want to be someone who passes the mic to these women, I want to be the one who stands up and fights with them...I want to make things better for the women who are coming up behind me. Things were difficult for me. I consider my generation – we’ve made things easier for Lauren’s generation, and Lauren in turn will make it easier for those who come behind.” – Shirley Manson

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Music Keynote: Lauren Mayberry - Photo by Errich Petersen

By Hayden Bagot