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Say Ciao to SXSW 2020 Italian Showcasing Artists

Every year SXSW Showcasing Artists journey to Austin, TX from all over the world and this year almost 70 countries will be represented at the SXSW Music Festival.

This week, we are highlighting Italy's cream of the crop. From buzzy bedroom pop to dirty psychedelic rock, the 2020 SXSW lineup of Italian artists is one you won't want to miss.

Dive into highlights below and then explore the SXSW Schedule for the full 2020 lineup and add artists to your Favorites list.

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Big Mountain County


Four-piece wild and dirty psychedelic rock band Big Mountain County formed in Rome in 2012. The group hit the ground running with European tours and festivals, gaining an international fan base and gaining steam as they went.

Last year, the band took to a touring hiatus and focused on creating their sophomore full-length album Somewhere Else. Full of killer riffs, soaring vocals, and synths that color midnight melodies, Big Mountain Country doesn't let us down with a second helping of sweaty, 'psychsexrock' tunes.



Hailing from Rome, Italy and centered around the creative partnership of China Wow and Leo Non, Wow is the pop outfit inspired by the Italian music golden age: the '60s. Taking notes from Italian RCA label, Mina, Patty Pravo, Luigi Tenco, Sergio Endrigo, Piero Ciampi, Morricone's and Bakalov's orchestrations, Wow champions a no wave, punk music attitude that brings you to your feet.

Their latest project, Come La Notte aims at presenting the group in its most naked, vulnerable, and raw state. Over two years of recordings and switches in band members, the album arrived and did what it came to do. As seen in the album's first track, Wow are the last-standing romantics on the verge of a new era of minimalism.



Patricia Manfield, better known as HĒIR, grew up on the road with her musical parents who played piano, flute, guitar, mandolin, and drums for different orchestras around the world. The artist arrived at her claim to fame via a fashion show during her time at university, where she began a career in modeling appearing on campaigns with brands such as FENDI, Dior Beauty, and Versace.

Later on, with an already large internet fan-base and a life-long interest in music, she turned to music. HĒIR was born, the name in homage to her parents' musical careers, and her debut single “Threads” arrived in 2018. Her bedroom pop is built for the stage and a debut EP is due later this year.

Baseball Gregg


Baseball Gregg formed when Bologna-native Luca Lovisetto and math student abroad Samuel Regan met and began writing songs in a flurry of late spring nights. The outcome was their debut self titled debut EP, Baseball Gregg.

The two reunited in Regan's hometown in California in 2015 and wrote another set of songs as they shut themselves inside Sam's childhood bedroom for the summer. Vavation, their debut LP is 36 minutes of tropical mellotrons swimming around the Pacific Ocean, from the Bay to Shibuya, echoing Hiroshi Sato and Eiichi Ohtaki glorious 80s’ Japanese city-pop.

Since, Baseball Gregg has released a second LP and completed extensive touring. They have also taken a new approach to releasing music, following the footsteps of many in the current industry. Releasing one single each month over the last year, the duo will compile the twelve tracks into a complete album to be released before their SXSW performance.


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