#SlamSuperbugs at SXSW Interactive 2017

Consumer Reports Superbugs

Why are there websites to report problems with bedbug infestations and credit card scams but not hospital infections? Consumer Reports (CR) is bringing together patient-safety activists and a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention representative to ask how we can do a better job of capturing patients’ real-world experience with infections that claim the lives of more than 722,000 Americans each year. That’s right—hundreds of thousands of people go to the hospital to get better but end up dying from a hospital infection.

Panelists with Consumer Reports Wants Patients to Track Superbugs will look at the value of a transparent, national system that provides a way for patients and families sickened by superbugs to stand up and be counted. In this highly interactive session, experts and audience members will be asked to imagine a platform that could crowd source data to fill in gaps on what we know about hospital infections and record outbreaks in real time.

The distinguished panelists include Carole Moss, co-founder of Nile's Project; Christian Lillis, co-founder of the Peggy Lillis Foundation; and Mike Bell, M.D, Deputy Director of Division of Healthcare Quality Promotion at the CDC. Consumer Reports Safe Patient Project director Lisa McGiffert will be moderating.

The CR Superbugs session is open to platinum and interactive badges. Join us Monday, March 13 at 12:30 p.m. at the Austin Convention Center and help us brainstorm a tool to help #slamsuperbugs!

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Content and image provided by Consumer Reports

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By John Krause