Navigate SXSW 2018 with the Official Mobile App – Download SXSW GO

The SXSW GO Mobile App is an essential for any attendee looking to get the most out of their SXSW 2018 experience. SXSW can be so jam-packed with events that keeping a tight schedule might seem impossible, but with new features added this year it’s now even easier for creatives to experience more than expected and network with others. Build your schedule with recommendations, discover new music, films, and sessions, and get helpful navigation information all within the app.

Downloading the App

Browse the continuously updated SXSW 2018 Schedule in the mobile app, available for iPhone and Android.

With a wide selection of Featured Speakers, sessions, film screenings, and music showcases to choose from, the SXSW GO app will help keep everything organized in one place. Turn on push notifications in the "User Settings" section so you can get up-to-date notifications about your schedule, venue or time changes, weather alerts, and more attendee information.

Once downloaded, log in to your SXSW account to sync your favorited events, receive recommendations on more you might be interested in, and stay up to date with SXSW happenings. For the SXSW 2018 season, we’ve made it easy for you to navigate through conference and festival events. Check out the features below and watch our helpful “How to Navigate the SXSW GO App” video above.


Event Status – New for 2018, we’ve made it easy to see event availability and capacity with a Red-Yellow-Green system. Seen on the SXSW GO app, the online SXSW Schedule, and on the digital Event Status Boards located around the ACC and other venues, a visual representation of Green = GO, Yellow = HURRY, and Red = FULL, for you to see the status of upcoming events.

Venue Size – The SXSW GO mobile app and the online SXSW Schedule will show room size information like small, medium, or large for any venue to help you plan your schedule.

SXSW Recommends – To help see even more exciting events that may not have been placed on your schedule, SXSW Recommends delivers personal recommendations to give you more options. Using a registrant’s favorited events, networking contacts, time, location, and event popularity, an advanced algorithm created by SXSW and Eventbase will cater the best events to your schedule that could end up being your favorite SXSW 2018 memory.

SXXpress – New for 2018, SXXpress (South by Express) digital passes! SXXpress is a feature, digital pass program for SXSW Platinum, Film, and Music registrants that allows enhanced access to Music and Film Festival programming. To get the best access to your most anticipated events, make sure to sync a SXXpress, learn more here.

Schedule – Browse the entire SXSW 2018 Schedule and then customize your own. Find events that you are interested in, mark as “My Favorites”, and easily sync them between devices. Create your own schedule to have the most organized SXSW 2018 experience! Note: As date, time, and location details become available in the schedule, your personal schedule will be automatically updated.

Networking – Search the SXSW directory for other Attendees that could be interested in the same things you are. Boost your networking with recommendations from SXSW Recommends!

Register for this year's festival here and customize your schedule with your favorite artists, speakers, filmmakers and more. Be sure to download the SXSW GO mobile app to get the most out of SXSW 2018!

Photo by Nicole Burton

By Hank Holmes