At Home with SX Playlist: David Byrne, Bozoma Saint John, Dan Harris & More

David Byrne at SXSW 2019 - Live Illustration by Ami Plasse

Looking for a creativity boost at home? Sit back with a few of our favorite sessions from years past on the At Home with SX playlist.

Plus, some extra inspiration with a couple illustrations by Ami Plasse who did live sketches of select speakers at SXSW 2019. Bonus points if you sketch your fav speaker quotes from this playlist and share with @sxsw. Sharpen your mind and your crayons.

Browse some highlights below including David Byrne's "Reasons To Be Cheerful" project; Arlan Hamilton's guide to building a remote team; Dan Harris' meditation tips, and more.

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David Byrne | Reasons To Be Cheerful

In January 2018, music icon David Byrne launched a multimedia project titled "Reasons To Be Cheerful," named after the song by punk artist Ian Dury. By utilizing his worldwide reach and platform, he began sharing successful and replicable examples for positive change within the areas of civic engagement, climate/energy, culture, economics, tech and more, with the aim of giving people the information and tools to act locally. If change had been achieved in one place, it may happen elsewhere, too.

Arlan Hamilton | Building Backstage Capital from the Ground Up

Arlan Hamilton, Founder and Managing Partner of Backstage Capital, shares the story of how she built a venture fund from the ground up. She talks about the competitive advantage of diversity, scaling and managing a fully remote team, and investing in startups with humanity.

Dan Harris | Meditation For Skeptics

Co-host of the weekend edition of Good Morning America and author of 10% Happier (also an app and podcast) Dan Harris tackles the myths, misconceptions, and self-deceptions that stop you from meditating. The talk is packed with hacks to make this practice eminently doable for busy people.

Bozoma Saint John | A Cultural Crystal Ball

CMO of Endeavor Bozoma Saint John along with entrepreneur and model Ashley Graham discuss how brands and creatives can harness the "cultural crystal ball" to accurately predict what’s next in entertainment, sports, fashion, food, and – more importantly – how to bring their predictions to life.

Esther Perel | Workplace Dynamics

Famed couples therapist Esther Perel has spent more than 35 years helping people articulate their aspirations, explore boundaries between self and others, and repair trust that is broken. Now she’s applying her extensive knowledge of relationships to help us master the art of modern leadership.

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Illustrations by Ami Plasse – David Byrne and Bozoma Saint John

By Jordan Roberts