Bobby Berk on the Power of Design with Clay Skipper [Video]

Apparent now more than ever, a well-designed space can positively affect your mental health.

Designer and Netflix's Queer Eye host Bobby Berk unpacks, reorganizes, and adds a fresh coat of paint to the importance of design during his virtual conversation with GQ's Clay Skipper as part of our weekly SXSW Sessions series.

Delving into the power of design and its transformative effects on the mind, Berk examines how it helps us live healthier and smarter lives, and how it can bring us a sense of comfort in a time when we feel out of control.

"If we are surrounding ourselves by chaos it spills into our mind." – Bobby Berk

While making your bed may seem like a small feat, Berk champions a range of daily accomplishments you can do at home to flip your mood especially during these unprecedented quarantine times. "We are starting to realize our home does have an affect on our mental health," says Berk as he shares simple steps to transform even the most chaotic spaces into tranquil destinations.

Beyond the home environment, Berk and Skipper explore how the COVID crisis will further change how communities gather in the future and how design will play a role from the reimagining of public spaces to the end of the open office floor plan. "Spaces need to be functional," says Berk. "I think social distancing is going to be part of our function for the foreseeable future." Berk goes on to applaud designers who keep social responsibility at the forefront of their design.

"It is important for designers to start thinking about ways that society can still come together - still communicate - and be around each other in a safe way.

While future design elements can be implemented to help the community naturally think about social distancing, office design also needs a reexamination. In order for people to feel safe in their working space throughout the year, Berk discusses how office layouts should adopt a health preparedness model. "As designers, and as corporations, we need to start thinking about ways to protect our employees."

Tune into the entire discussion and virtual audience Q&A with Bobby Berk and Clay Skipper. And for all of our sake (along with Berk's pet peeve), please cover your mouth when you cough!

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By Jordan Roberts




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