Rohit Bhargava on 4 Non-Obvious Megatrends That Matter [Video]

There are some trends like baking sourdough bread, pajamas as the new business causal, and to-go margaritas that will mark the year 2020. But there are also more "non-obvious" trends that can help us understand the moving parts of today's ever-evolving world and prepare us to take steps forward.

One of the largest effects of the disruption we are facing today is the acceleration of ideas. Distance learning, ghost restaurants, esports, telemedicine, streaming entertainment, video conferencing, and more than a dozen other futuristic ideas are now becoming daily realities and going mainstream. Bestselling author and trend curator Rohit Bhargava shares how anyone can become an observer of the non-obvious and why the people who build this skill will be the ones who emerge from this time of change better prepared for whatever comes next.

“What can we understand about people and in turn about ourselves by paying attention to trends and by paying attention to all these things that are happening in the world?”

Bhargava defines a non-obvious trend as a unique curated observation of the accelerating present. And out of all of his findings, he highlights four non-obvious megatrends that matter right now, and how to actually use them:

  1. Revivalism: Rediscover the analog
  2. Human Mode: Focus on empathy first
  3. Instant Knowledge: Connect people with knowledge to inspire beliefs
  4. Flux Commerce: Disrupt your business and how you work

Now more than ever, Bhargava encourages us to observe and pay attention to the world around us as well as understand rather than simply consume information. And lastly, he reminds us to not panic.

“The people who understand people always win.”

Watch the virtual presentation and Q&A to hear more about Rohit's ideas for "the now."

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By Hailey Hess