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Inclusion & Trans Rights Featured Sessions

Dive into discussions from social activists at SXSW 2022

By Julia Pinto


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“You shouldn’t have to change who you are to be safe and to be loved.” — JVN

Trans Rights and equity activists joined us at SXSW 2022 to discuss what has been happening across certain states, especially Texas. Watch these Featured Sessions bring awareness and promote action to protect and a lead a future for our youth.

Jonathan Van Ness, an Emmy-nominated television personality, podcast host, activist, author, and hairstylist to the stars and the internationally acclaimed writer, performer, and public speaker, ALOK joined us this year to let us know that they’re not resisting the gender binary, but that they’re fighting for the beauty of fluidity.

Andy Mara, Emmett Shelling, Diamond Stylz, and Charlie Apple got on stage with Jessica Shortall of Texas Competes to discuss what is going on in the state of Texas as state legislation gives orders to investigate gender affirming health care for minors.

Secretary Of The Interior Deb Haaland spotlights her philosophy about why representation matters, how to take it to the next level, and what can be possible when we recognize America’s full history and provide space for all voices to have a seat at the table.

Whether you missed these Featured Sessions or you want to relive them once again, we are happy to share the videos with out SXSW Community.

Jonathan Van Ness & ALOK

Jonathan Van Ness and ALOK shine light on the conversation and reality surrounding Trans rights. When state legislations across the country are taking away rights from Trans people, it’s taking away from everyone.

Trans Texans Need Us: Hear From the Front Lines

They are fighting the anti-Trans bills being pushed in congress with knowledge and facts. Join the panel of Texas front line activists as they discuss how gender affirming healthcare is beyond necessary. “What has happened here in Texas, it’s not rooted in any legal, medical, or scientific basis... The law hasn’t changed. No court in the state of Texas has found that gender affirming care is considered a form of child abuse.” — Andy Marra

Auntie Deb’s Guide to Equity & Inclusion

“The challenges our country faces… Can only be solved if marginalized communities have a voice, are respected, and are included in the solutions.” — Secretary Of The Interior Deb Haaland talks on the importance of why representation matters and how anyone has the power to take the steps in the right direction.

Celebrating Pride Month

Watch more sessions in celebration of the LGBTQ+ community and the many LGBTQ+ voices we've been honored to spotlight at SXSW over the years.

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