What Can Taylor Swift Fix Next: SX Speaker Series

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This week we asked conference speakers what they’ll be doing on Oscar night, Sunday, March 10? Will they be watching the awards or checking out cool content at SXSW?

After merely re-inventing the music industry, Taylor Swift then re-invented the NFL. What pressing problem should she fix next?

Andrew Mackinnon / TABOO by Design at JW Marriott Salon 7:
"Taylor Swift, the Messiah! After kick off at the NFL and her illustrious global tour, perhaps she'll trade in her aircraft and become a swimmer to help solve the climate crisis?"

Beth Hartman / Investing in Our Oceans: Navigating Uncharted Waters:
"I would really, really like Taylor Swift to raise more awareness of the climate crisis and the solutions we have available already. This is a timed test that we only get to take once and we are currently failing terribly. This issue has an impact on every other issue in the world, including Taylor Swift's concerts — for instance, a fan in Brazil died from heat stroke at one of her concerts and she had to stop performing because it was simply too hot to continue. This could have been an easy excuse to at least mention the climate crisis. I really don't think most people have any serious understanding about how much danger we are facing right now."

Catherine Coleman Flowers / Mobilizing Philanthropy to Combat Climate Change:
"She should focus on saving democracy."

David Welsh / Neurodiverse Professionals Meet Up:
"It would depend on the focus. The NFL is entertainment, so it is comfortably within Taylor's wheelhouse. However, thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic we've seen the kind of damage that influencers talking about issues they are not qualified to speak on can do (the irony of Travis Kelce being a Covid-19 vaccination advocate is not lost on me)."

Deanna Brown / Fundraising in a Down Market: How to Keep Your Startup Alive:

Martin Atkins / Welcome to the Music Business.. You're Still F*@ked:
"The problem now is reminding her fans — or students — that Taylor began as a 12? year old doing all of her own social media and that this path (or versions of it) is available to anyone that wants to work very very hard for a decade+ to achieve it. DIY Punk AF."

Michael Krivicka / Go Viral Or Die! - How To Create Viral Marketing Hits:
"I wish Taylor Swift was dating an environmental scientist, which would cause the media & the public to focus & care about larger environmental issues instead of a spectacle sporting event."

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Photo by Tico Mendoza

By Hugh Forrest