Custom Opportunities

SXSW Big Bags. Photo by Lisa Hause.

SXSW offers a variety of customizable assets to fit your needs and objectives:

  • Reach targeted audiences through specialized campaigns for artists, panelists, filmmakers, press
  • Reach thousands outside the convention center with advertising on shuttles, pedicabs, and mobile applications
  • Brand highly visible items like lanyards, registrant big bags, hotel keys and door hangers
  • Host festival parties, conference lounges, meet-ups and receptions
  • Promote your company's event and participation in SXSW through SXSW's social media channels
  • Host or participate in one of SXSW's curated, niche showcases such as SXSW Create and the Come & Capture Film Factory

Contact a marketing representative to build a marketing package tailored to the audiences you want to reach.

Visit for more info on High Beam, the official party planner for SXSW.

SXSW Film Happy Hour. Photo by Lisa Hause. SXSW Venue Shuttle. Photo by Lisa Hause. SXSW Interactive Closing Party. Photo by Merrick Ales. 3M lounge at Brush Square Park. Photo by Merrick Ales. Sponsored Coffee Break. Photo by Merrick Ales.

SXcycles. Photo by Steven Casanova. Metro Rail Branding. Photo by Lisa Hause. SXSW Go Mobile App. Photo by Lisa Hause. Branded Pedicab. Photo by Lauren Lindley. Fandango Popcorn Promotion. Photo by Lauren Lindley.

Top photo - Southbites 2014 by Jamil Muhaisen