SXSW Music Weekly Round-up: Kelela, Todd Rundgren, From CBGB to the World Session & More

January is almost over!? We’ve still got so many Conference Sessions and Showcasing Artists to share with you before March. Let’s jump into the highlights so you can start adding them to your favorites on the SXSW Schedule.

Recently added Music Tracks sessions includes From CBGB to the World: A Downtown Diaspora, a Featured Session with members of The Talking Heads and Tom Tom Club (Chris Frantz & Tina Weymouth), Television (Richard Lloyd), The dB's (Chris Stamey) and rock photographer Julia Gorton discussing the abrupt shift in rock music styles in the late seventies and early eighties. Kenny Aronoff, legendary rock n' roll drummer, also joins the conference line up to talk about teamwork in the music industry while providing insights from his career behind some of the biggest bands in the world.

Some highlights from the 100+ Showcasing Artists added this week include R&B star Kelela, Rough Trade glam-rock band Starcrawler, 70’s rock legend Todd Rundgren, experimental folk singer/songwriter Odetta Hartman, and much more. You can find all announced Showcasing Artists on the SXSW Schedule.

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We know you’re eager to dig through these lists of newly announced programming, but we suggest queuing up an appropriate soundtrack first. Jam the SXSWfm Specialty Show and Spotify Weekly Round-up playlist to discover artists from this announcement, as well as our YouTube playlist featuring artists from all our SXSW 2018 announcements.

New 2018 Conference Additions (Music)

From CBGB to the World: A Downtown Diaspora
Teamwork, Innovation & Rock n' Roll with Kenny Aronoff
2018 New Music Meeting
Stop the Scroll: Creative Strategy in Social Media
Instagram for Music: Best Practices
Artist Discovery in Social Media Driven Landscapes

New 2018 Showcasing Artist Additions

The Academic (Mullingar IRELAND)
Acid House Ragas (Montreal CANADA)
Belako (Mungia SPAIN)
Bishop Gunn (Natchez MS)
Black Guayaba (San Juan PR)
Blonde Maze (New York NY)
Breakout (Austin TX)
Brother Dege (New Orleans LA)
Candy West (Dallas TX)
Ceramic Animal (Philadelphia PA)
CLARA-NOVA (Los Angeles CA)
Courtney Farren (Brooklyn NY)
Dentist (Asbury Park NJ)
DJ Ace (London UK-ENGLAND)
DJ Baby Roo (Houston TX)
DJ Hella Yella (Austin TX)
Doeman (Houston TX)
Dominican Jay (Austin TX)
Dramatic Lovers (Milwaukee WI)
DVWEZ (Orlando FL)
Emily Wolfe (Austin TX)
Eric Tessmer (Austin TX)
Ethan Kent (Dallas TX)
EZI (New York NY)
Fat Tony (Houston TX)
Francine Thirteen (Dallas TX)
Genesis Blu (Houston TX)
Gold Casio (Portland OR)
Grace Vonderkuhn (Wilmington DE)
Grand Rapids Soul Club (Grand Rapids MI)
Half Stack (Oakland CA)
Haunted Summer (Highland Park CA)
Hayley Coupon (New York NY)
HNRY FLWR (Brooklyn NY)
Hoodlem (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
Idk Ariel (Bergen NORWAY)
Izzie Gibbs (London UK-ENGLAND)
Jackie Mendoza (San Diego CA)
Jackie Venson (Austin TX)
Janiva Magness (Detroit MI)
Jason James (Texas City TX)
Kaela Sinclair (Los Angeles CA)
Kara Nichole-Robinson (San Antonio TX)
Kayla Freeman (Austin TX)
Kelela (Washington DC)
King Tucka (Austin TX)
Kitten (Brooklyn NY)
Kotomi (Long Beach CA)
KP Tha Profit (San Antonio TX)
Kyle Craft (Portland OR)
Ley Line (Austin TX)
Linda Lee (Berlin GERMANY)
Little Destroyer (Vancouver CANADA)
Livingmore (Los Angeles CA)
Lord Buffalo (Austin TX)
Los Coast (Austin TX)
The Lulls (San Diego CA)
Many Rooms (Houston TX)
Margaret Chavez (Austin TX)
Masha (Belgrade SERBIA)
Memories In Broken Glass (San Antonio TX)
Monoplasma (Los Angeles CA)
Moonrise Nation (Chicago IL)
Motorcade (Dallas TX)
Moxizishi & Jikehabu & 3He Project (Beijing CHINA)
Mozes and the Firstborn (Eindhoven NETHERLANDS)
Mr. Frankie Wilson (Dallas TX)
Neil Frances (Los Angeles CA)
Ness Nite (Minneapolis MN)
Odetta Hartman (Washington DC)
OHMME (Chicago IL)
Oh, Rose (Olympia WA)
Passeport (Cincinnati OH)
Renata Zeiguer (Brooklyn NY)
Ryan Culwell (Nashville TN)
SassyBlack (Seattle WA)
Second Hand Rose (Beijing CHINA)
Señor Loop (Panama City PANAMA)
Shelita Burke (Los Angeles CA)
Shy Speaks (Dallas TX)
Simon Grossmann (Miami FL)
Skratch Bastid (Toronto CANADA)
Sons Of The East (Sydney AUSTRALIA)
Starcrawler (Los Angeles CA)
Stove (Newtown CT)
Stuyedeyed (Brooklyn NY)
Subhi (Chicago IL)
Sun June (Austin TX)
Teddy and The Rough Riders (Nashville TN)
Todd Rundgren (Los Angeles CA)
Tomar and the FCs (Austin TX)
Tyro The Epic (Dallas TX)
Valvai (Santiago CHILE)
Vanilla Summit (Richmond VA)
Worldwide (San Antonio TX)
The Yellow-Bellied Sapsuckers (Soldiers Grove WI)
Yori Swart (Amsterdam NETHERLANDS)
Young & Sick (Los Angeles CA)

Everything subject to change

Photo credits, clockwise from top left:
Papooz - Photo by Alice Moitie
Blonde Maze - Photo courtesy of the artist
Todd Rundgren - photo courtesy of the artist
Tomar and the FCs - Photo by Lyza Renee

By Hayden Bagot