Artificial Intelligence is Making Moves in Music and It’s Here To Stay

Featured Session Song Math with Ross Golan - Photo by Danny Matson

Artificial Intelligence is the new playmaker in music making and is here to stay. Our machines are advancing as we are and it looks like the landscape between us and AI is flattening. While this makes possibilities for musical experiences and production ease greater than ever, how do we maintain a healthy relationship with our new peer?

The Future of Music Track at SXSW 2020 from March 16-21 will tackle questions about Artificial Intelligence, lead the discussion on its role in the creative process, and encourage new paths of production and experiential design for musicians.

Interacting with AI

Musicians and technologists are taking different stances when it comes to the future of AI. On one side is fear of less human contribution and on the other is endless advancements. The Role of Humans in Music AI brings together producers, strategists, CEOs and more to discuss how humans can live symbiotically with AI as both a teacher, collaborator, and judge.

Another question music industry stakeholders are faced with is how to differentiate AI-generated music from that generated by humans. AI and the Future of Musical Creativity is a panel with experts in the fields of neurology, psychology, cognitive science, music performance, and artificial intelligence to explore our creative relationship with AI.

A New Lens for Music

Not only has music production changed with the help of AI, but also the way we experience and interact with the music we listen to. Spanning Realities with Music will talk about how immersive and spatial computing is closing the gap between the real and the virtual when it comes to music and art and assess what is working, and what is not. Join experts in the field such as Instagram’s Camera and AR Engineering Lead Ben Max Rubinstein and more to explore new ways to span realities with music. Concerts in the Era of Spatial Computing will also dive into augmented reality experiences in live music settings.

And on a more personal level, Supercharging Sound Experiences with Audio AR will explore how smart headphones seamlessly and effectively blend real world content with immersive augmented sound layers and thus, transform how we engage with our world and what we listen to as we go about our lives.

2020 Future of Music Sessions

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Featured Session Song Math with Ross Golan - Photo by Danny Matson

By Hailey Hess