BbyMutha, Shamir, Sunflower Bean & 300 More Join SXSW 2022 Music Festival

Get ready to turn up your SX spirit to 11! Announcing the second round of over 320 Showcasing Artists taking the stage at the SXSW 2022 Music Festival.

Newly-added Showcasing Artists include avant vocalist and composer Circuit Des Yeux; experimental noise poet Moor Mother; Southern hip-hop queen bbymutha; indie singer-songwriter, recently signed to Phoebe Bridgers’ Saddest Factory label Charlie Hickey; NYC rock trio Sunflower Bean; Italians Do it Better synth noir trio Desire; the ever-eclectic Shamir; and The Dream Syndicate's 40th band anniversary celebration – to name a few.

Coming stateside from across the pond are London-based pan-continental retro surf-garage-indie party band Los Bitchos; electronic-embracing Brazilian indie group Tuyo; Barcelona’s indie-folk songstress Núria Graham; and many more. Take a dive into the full list of round two SXSW Showcasing Artists below.

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2022 SXSW Showcasing Artists

Everything subject to change.

4s4ki (Tokyo JAPAN)
A-Wall (Dallas TX)
a/lpaca (Mantua ITALY)
Ada Lea (Montreal QC)
Alex The Astronaut (Sydney AUSTRALIA)
Allegra (New York NY)
Altameda (Toronto ON)
Amber Van Day (London UK-ENGLAND)
Andrea Magee (Austin TX)
Anna B Savage (London UK-ENGLAND)
Anna Fox Rochinski (New York NY)
Annie Blackman (Brooklyn NY)
Ayoni (Los Angeles CA)
Baba Ali (London UK-ENGLAND)
BABii (Margate UK-ENGLAND)
Bad Bad Hats (Minneapolis MN)
bad tuner (Brooklyn NY)
Bad Waitress (Toronto ON)
Balto (Los Angeles CA)
BBY Kodie (Houston TX)
bbymutha (Chattanooga TN)
Beat Root Revival (Austin TX)
Black Lips (Atlanta GA)
Boyish (New York NY)
Bradley Zero (London UK-ENGLAND)
Broadside Hacks (London UK-ENGLAND)
Brother. (Salt Lake City UT)
Brown Penny (London UK-ENGLAND)
Buenos Diaz (Austin TX)
Cadence Weapon (Toronto ON)
Capsula (Bilbao SPAIN)
Charlie Hickey (Pasadena CA)
Chateau Chateau (Tucson AZ)
Christina Wheeler (Berlin GERMANY)
Circuit Des Yeux (Chicago IL)
Cítrico (Buenos Aires ARGENTINA)
Ciudadanos (Santiago CHILE)
Club Intl (New York NY)
Colectiva (London UK-ENGLAND)
COMMANDO (San Francisco CA)
Cruz Cafuné (Tenerife SPAIN)
dal:um (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
Daniel Casimir (London UK-ENGLAND)
Danielle Durack (Phoenix AZ)
Danny B. Harvey & Annie Maire Lewis (Austin TX)
daysormay (Vancouver BC)
Dead Horses (Milwaukee WI)
Deap Vally (Los Angeles CA)
Dende (Houston TX)
Derby Motoreta's Burrito Kachimba (Sevilla SPAIN)
Desire (Los Angeles CA)
Discovery Zone (New York NY)
DJ SHANI (Austin TX)
Donzii (Miami FL)
Dreamgirl (Kansas City MO)
Duquette Johnston (Birmingham AL)
Eli Fola (Arverne NY)
Eliza Hull (Castlemaine AUSTRALIA)
Enamorados (Barcelona SPAIN)
Eric Tessmer (Austin TX)
exociety (Rav / Kill Bill: The Rapper / Airospace / Scuare) (Austin TX)
Farah (Dallas TX)
Fears (Dublin IRELAND)
Ferdinand the Bull (Pittsburgh PA)
Ferris & Sylvester (London UK-ENGLAND)
Fieh (Toten NORWAY)
Film School (Los Angeles CA)
flipturn (Fernandina Beach FL)
Foxx Bodies (Los Angeles CA)
FRANKIIE (Vancouver BC)
Free (Grand Prairie TX)
Gallus (Glasgow UK-SCOTLAND)
Gamma Vibes (Brooklyn NY)
George Riley (London UK-ENGLAND)
Georgia Cécile (Glasgow UK-SCOTLAND)
Glüme (Los Angeles CA)
Godcaster (New York NY)
Good Dog Nigel (Richmond VA)
Good Looks (Austin TX)
Grandmas House (Bristol UK-ENGLAND)
Gus Englehorn (Montreal QC)
Hamzaa (London UK-ENGLAND)
Hanita Bhambri (Delhi INDIA)
Haviah Mighty (Toronto ON)
Hayfitz (Brooklyn NY)
Heavy Salad (Manchester UK-ENGLAND)
Her Skin (Modena ITALY)
Hera (Reykjavík ICELAND)
Hēran Soun (Oakland CA)
Hot Garbage (Toronto ON)
Hotel Lux (London UK-ENGLAND)
Igor Grohotsky (Kyiv UKRAINE)
Isla De Caras (Buenos Aires ARGENTINA)
Ivypaint (Orlando FL)
jackie (Toronto ON)
Jake Lloyd (Austin TX)
Jamie Webster (Liverpool UK-ENGLAND)
Jan Verstraeten (Oostende BELGIUM)
Jas Kayser (London UK-ENGLAND)
jazz re:freshed DJs (London UK-ENGLAND)
Jelani Blackman (London UK-ENGLAND)
Jenny Owen Youngs (Kittery ME)
Jerry Paper (Los Angeles CA)

jéTexas (Austin TX)
JM Stevens (Austin TX)
Joesef (Glasgow UK-SCOTLAND)
Johnny Jewel (DJ Set) (Los Angeles CA)
Jon Muq (Austin TX)
Josh Fudge (Oklahoma City OK)
Juni Ata (Cuyamaca CA)
Just Mustard (Dundalk IRELAND)
Kainalu (Madison WI)
Kareem Ali (Phoenix AZ)
Katerine Duska (Athens GREECE)
King Hannah (Liverpool UK-ENGLAND)
Kiwi Jr. (Toronto ON)
KT Tunstall (Edinburgh UK-SCOTLAND)
Kwesi Arthur (Accra WP)
Kydd Jones (Austin TX)
Kylie Price (Dunedin NEW ZEALAND)
La Sra. Tomasa (Barcelona SPAIN)
Laurence-Anne (Montreal QC)
Lavender Thug (El Paso TX)
Le Pain (Los Angeles CA)
Leif Vollebekk (Montreal QC)
Leon III (Houston TX)
Leon of Athens (Athens GREECE)
Ley Line (Austin TX)
LEYA (New York City NY)
Lie Ning (Berlin GERMANY)
Lil Texxan (Plano TX)
Lisa Morales (Austin TX)
Little Quirks (Central Coast AUSTRALIA)
Liz Lawrence (Stratford Upon Avon UK-ENGLAND)
Lofi Legs (San Francisco CA)
Los Bitchos (London UK-ENGLAND)
Low Girl (Hemel Hempstead UK-ENGLAND)
Low Hummer (Hull UK-ENGLAND)
Lowertown (Atlanta GA)
Luther & Lamar of North Mississippi Allstars (Hernando MS)
Macy Rodman (New York NY)
Mae Powell (San Francisco CA)
Malin Pettersen (Oslo NORWAY)
MAN ON MAN (New York NY)
Marina Herlop (Barcelona SPAIN)
Marta Knight (Barcelona SPAIN)
Meltt (Vancouver BC)
Mini Trees (Los Angeles VA)
Mint Field (Ciudad de México MEXICO)
moistbreezy (New York NY)
Molly Payton (Auckland NEW ZEALAND)
Moor Mother (Philadelphia PA)
Natalie McCool (Liverpool UK-ENGLAND)
Nemegata (Austin TX)
Ness Heads (Chicago IL)
New Candys (Venice ITALY)
Nicolás Molina (Aguas Dulces URUGUAY)
Night Palace (Athens GA)
NOCONA (Los Angeles CA)
Nolan Potter's Nightmare Band (Austin TX)
Nova Twins (London UK-ENGLAND)

Orion (Providence RI)
Pacific Jam At My Apartment (Saltillo MEXICO)
Page 9 (Dallas TX)
Parliamo (Perth UK-SCOTLAND)
Phebe Starr (Dorrigo AUSTRALIA)
Pleasure Venom (Austin TX)
Population II (Montreal QC)
Psymon Spine (Brooklyn NY)
Qarabagh Ensemble (Baku AZERBAIJAN)
Qlowski (Bologna ITALY)
Rachika Nayar (Brooklyn NY)
Randy Randall (Los Angeles CA)
Red Rum Club (Liverpool UK-ENGLAND)
Reserva Fantasma (San José COSTA RICA)
Rianne Downey (Glasgow UK-SCOTLAND)
Robin Kester (Rotterdam NETHERLANDS)
Robynn Shayne (Austin TX)
Rock Eupora (Nashville TN)
Ruth Lyon (Newcastle upon Tyne UK-ENGLAND)
School of X (Copenhagen DENMARK)
Scrounge (London UK-ENGLAND)
Shamir (Philadelphia PA)
Shovel Dance Collective (London UK-ENGLAND)
Shutups (Oakland CA)
Sinead O'Brien (Limerick IRELAND)
Snapped Ankles (London UK-ENGLAND)
Sofía Campos (Buenos Aires ARGENTINA)
Sofia Talvik (Gothenburg SWEDEN)
Sophia Kennedy (Hamburg GERMANY)
Sophia Shen (Zhangzhou CHINA)
Status/Non-Status (Toronto ON)
Stuck (Chicago IL)
Sue Foley (Austin TX)
Suenatron (San Jose CA)
Sunflower Bean (New York NY)
Susto (Charleston SC)
Sweet Spirit (Austin TX)
Talk Show (London UK-ENGLAND)
TC Superstar (Austin TX)
Teagan Johnston (Whitehorse YT)
the 4onthefloor (Minneapolis MN)
The Blind Suns (Angers FRANCE)
The Bots (Los Angeles CA)
The Dream Syndicate (New York NY)
The Garrys (Saskatoon SK)
The HawtThorns (Nashville TN)
The Institutes (Coventry UK-ENGLAND)
The Lathums (Wigan UK-ENGLAND)
The Lottery Winners (Manchester UK-ENGLAND)
The Pine Hill Haints (Florence AL)
The Prescriptions (Nashville TN)
The School (Cardiff UK-WALES)
The Shivas (Portland OR)
The Texas Gentlemen (Dallas TX)
The Thing With Feathers (Nashville TN)
The Waymores (Atlanta GA)
The Wood Burning Savages (Derry UK-N. IRELAND)
Thee Unemployed (Austin TX)
Tisakorean (Houston TX)
Tom West (Adelaide AUSTRALIA)
Toya Delazy (London UK-ENGLAND)
Tres Leches (Seattle WA)
Tufan Derince (Diyarbakir TURKEY)
Tuyo (Curitiba BRAZIL)
Van Mary (Austin TX)
Velvet Starlings (Los Angeles CA)
Vera Di Lecce (Lecce ITALY)
Vision Video (Athens GA)
Volk (Nashvillle TN)
W. H. Lung (Manchester UK-ENGLAND)
Warren Hood (Austin TX)
We Were Promised Jetpacks (Edinburgh UK-SCOTLAND)
Weakened Friends (Portland ME)
Western Youth (Austin TX)
Whitney Rose (Austin TX)
Wiley From Atlanta (Atlanta GA)
Wired Sessions (Santiago CHILE)
Yoo Doo Right (Montreal QC)
zannie (New York NY)
Zoon (Toronto ON)

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Preview Photo: Bbymutha, Charlie Hickey - Photo by Olof Grind, Moor Mother - Photo by Uv Lucas, Sunflower Bean, Circuit Des Yeux - Photo by Evan Jenkins, Wargasm, Núria Graham - Photo by Marc Cuscó

By Hailey Hess