Sounds of Tomorrow: Explore the Future of Music with Sevdaliza & Sensorium

Sounds Of Tomorrow: Explore The Future Of Music With Sevdaliza & Sensorium

Music is changing more rapidly than ever before and emerging technologies have become the defining trend shaping the future of the industry. Will anyone be tuning to streaming platforms in 10 years? How can the metaverse redefine music? Can the next superstars be AI-driven virtual artists?

You’re probably curious and so are we. Diving into how artists, creators and listeners will experience the convergence of music and tech, this year’s SXSW The Future of Music Track will bring together award-winning artist and producer Sevdaliza, and Sensorium’s Deputy CEO of Art & Marketing, Sasha Tityanko, in a boundary-pushing debate.

With the question ‘Music & Visual Arts: How Far Can Merging Go?’ as the starting point, the discussion promises to be a glimpse of things to come in arts, imagery, sound and technological experimentation.

Besides the exciting conversation, you might also want to stick around for the surprise guest performance. That’s sure to be music to the ears of attendees.

Make sure not to miss out on the event on March, 17 in Austin Convention Center at Ballroom D at 11:30 am CT.

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Register to attend SXSW 2022 this March 11-20 in Austin, TX and online. Explore the full Future of Music Track program, Conference sessions, Music Festival showcases, or venture beyond on the SXSW Schedule.

Photo provided by Sensorium Galaxy

By Olivia Cruz




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