Creating & Monetizing Music

March 18-21

Music Track

The landscape for musicians has undergone seismic shifts as the traditional industry base has changed over the last two decades. How can musicians and publishers navigate, survive, and thrive in this dynamic space? The Creating & Monetizing Music Track will educate, inform, and equip everyone from artists to executives with the skills and tools they need to develop new opportunities.

Featured Speaker: Amanda Palmer - Photo by Danny Matson/Getty Images for SXSW

Featured Speaker: Amanda Palmer - Photo by Danny Matson/Getty Images for SXSW

About The Creating & Monetizing Music Track


Looking at industry trends in songwriting, marketing, sync licensing, streaming, brand partnerships, touring and live events, to name a few, this track will explore an increasingly fragmented global music industry by answering three questions: how to make, collect, and invest profit derived from music.

Learn more about the Creating & Monetizing Music Track with 2019 sessions like First Play to First Platinum: The Evolving Creator Journey , Monetizing TV and Film Soundtracks in the Streaming Age , The Impact of AI on Music Creation, and Royalties, Data & Starting Up a Music Investment Fund .

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Digital Music Marketing: The Right Channels Matter

Tips On How Artists Can Attack a Digital Campaign

Artists In Control: Technology and the New DIY

Take Advantage of New Tech and Do It Yourself


Dimplez Ijeoma - Photo by Joann Hetrick

Dimplez Ijeoma

The Hip Hop Bubble That Popped Culture

Ijeoma Agency

Nikki Lane - Photo by Denise Enriquez

Nikki Lane

The New Lifestyle Brand Pioneers of Country Music

Nikki Lane

Wyclef Jean - Photo by Tim Strauss

Wyclef Jean

Featured Session: Wyclef Goes Back to School: The Making

Heads Music

Ross Golan - Photo by Danny Matson/Getty Images for SXSW

Ross Golan

Featured Session: Song Math with Ross Golan


Kathy Baker - Photo by Miguel Esparza

Kathy Baker

Digital Music Marketing: The Right Channels Matter


Chris Lee - Photo by Kit McNeil

Chris Lee

Featured Session: True Value of K-Pop

SM Entertainment

Athena Koumis - Photo by Lauren Simpson

Athena Koumis

Living The Dream: Successful Streaming Strategies


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