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MARCH 9-15 • INTERACTIVE. This track, programmed by SXSW and co-hosted by me Convention, embodies the realm of future possibilities where intelligence is embedded in every aspect of life. The goal is for technology to empower and enable new possibilities like smart transportation and cities, deep machine learning and intelligent devices.

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Intelligent Future

"HI + AI: What's the Future of Intelligence?" Featured Session at SXSW 2017 - Photo by Ziv Kruger

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AI and new technologies embody the realm of possibilities where intelligence empowers and enables technology while sparking legitimate concerns about its uses. Highlighted Intelligent Future sessions include New Mobility and the Future of Our Cities, Mental Work: Moving Beyond Our Carbon Based Minds, Can We Create Consciousness in a Machine?, and more.

Intelligent Future Track sessions are held March 9-15 at the Fairmont.

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Evernote at SXSW

Evernote is back as the official notetaker of SXSW! This year, we’ll be capturing thoughts and ideas from more than 50 sessions, across the Workplace, Intelligent Future, and Brands & Marketing tracks. We’ll cover speakers from companies such as Facebook, Google, Airbnb, The Wing, Cisco, Pandora and more at

Mercedes-Benz Presents me Convention at SXSW 2018


In September 2017, Mercedes-Benz organized the first ever me Convention in cooperation with SXSW during the Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA) in Germany. Following the success of the event, Mercedes-Benz, together with smart, is bringing the me Convention experience to SXSW 2018. From Friday, March 9 – Thursday, March 15, the me Convention will co-host the SXSW-programmed Intelligent Future track at the Fairmont Hotel. In addition, catch me Convention-presented festival events in neighboring Palm Park, including Mystery Talks on the Pool Stage, as well as food, drinks, music, yoga and the “tiny house of smart.” See for all the details.

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