Media & Journalism

March 13-17

Convergence Track

The Media & Journalism Track explores how the processes of news, analysis, and content distribution are being impacted by technology and society. These sessions also examine the fast-changing media industry landscape, as older institutions and newer organizations battle for consumer attention.

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2019 Featured Speakers Trevor Noah & The Daily Show News Team - Photo by Travis P Ball/Getty Images for SXSW

2019 Featured Speakers Trevor Noah & The Daily Show News Team - Photo by Travis P Ball/Getty Images for SXSW

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Battling Misinformation in Media & Journalism

With misinformation intentionally spread through our social media and news, how do journalists and media companies break through?

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Inclusivity in Media Meet Up - 2019 - Photo by Karla Bruciaga

Inclusivity in Media Meet Up - 2019 - Photo by Karla Bruciaga

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Advancing Diversity, Gender Representation in News

News organizations around the world are taking intentional steps to make faster strides in gender representation and diversity in media. It has been widely recognized that the lack of women’s expert voices in the news media perpetuates gender bias and women’s socioeconomic exclusion in society. There is a growing body of opinion that increasing women’s voices in the media can not only fight gender inequality, but improve the business of journalism and news reporting. This panel session will feature media professionals leading their organizations’ efforts to adapt journalistic and newsroom practices to advance diversity and gender representation. These experts will share lessons learned, progress made, and what needs to be accomplished next.

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How NPR Uses Algorithms Ethically in Our Newsroom

As voice devices become more popular, and as more online experiences are powered by algorithms, journalists are increasingly nervous about the consequences of using these technologies in the distribution of our work. On voice, without the aid of visuals, algorithms have only one shot to satisfy users. In the dawn of voice, can journalists use algorithms to accomplish their newsroom missions? We at NPR asked ourselves a similar question when we built NPR One, an engine that powers automated personalized listening experiences on voice platforms and elsewhere. We’ve learned that technology can only do as much good as the people behind it let it. In other words, algorithms can’t do their job right without the help of journalists – human journalists – especially in the age of voice.

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2020 Speaker Highlights

Ben Lerer - Photo courtesy of speaker

Ben Lerer


Group Nine Media

Kainaz Amaria - Photo courtesy of speaker

Kainaz Amaria

Visuals Editor


Katherine Maher - Photo courtesy of speaker

Katherine Maher


Wikimedia Foundation

Sara Fischer - Photo courtesy of speaker

Sara Fischer

Media Reporter


Lindsay Holmes - Photo courtesy of speaker

Lindsay Holmes

Senior Wellness Editor


Dan Whaley - Photo courtesy of speaker

Dan Whaley

Senior Product Architect


Sophie Nicholson - Photo courtesy of speaker

Sophie Nicholson

Deputy Head of Social Networks and Fact-Checking


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