The LP Questionnaire/Pick Three - Christina Schroeter of Family of the Year

Written by Linda Park | Saturday, Mar 9, 2013

Family of the Year

Family of the year?  Cutest band of the year more like!

These charming Los Angeles transplants have made fans of peeps as diverse as Keith Lockhart, Ben Folds, and, you know, Steven Tyler.

Keyboard player Christina Schroeter has never seen Titanic and says that scrambled eggs and cholula and avocado toast and hash browns for breakfast is the best way to wake her up early. Also that's probably her favorite meal… that and cheeseburgers. And pizza. In fact, according to her, she could probably eat a whole pizza right now.

She kindly did our LPQ/P3 so please to enjoy...

The LP Questionnaire
Name: Christina Elisabeth Schroeter
Do you have any nicknames? My bandmates call me Crystal and spell it a million different ways, like Khrystil…they also call me Chrissy or Chris and spell those pretty normal or at least semi-normal. I'm from Orange County and a lot of my friends back home call me 'nineteen' which is based off my AOL screen name from back when AOL was a thing…cool.

1. Pretend you’re 15.  Name three songs you'd put on a mix tape for your girlfriend/boyfriend.
It's 1999…
Jimmy Eat World - Crush
Descendents - I'm the One
Alkaline Trio - Nose Over Tail   2. Which evil villain would make the best President? Sideshow Bob - He seems to have a good head on his shoulders other than the whole wanting to kill Bart thing.  

3. What was your favorite cartoon as a child? I loved The Simpsons so much as a kid, I can quote the first 10 seasons. I would watch it 17 times a week. In high school, it was a great way to get guys to like me though.   

4. What superpower do you wish you had? Time travel would be cool. The drive to SXSW is sooooo looooong.  

5. What would the title of your autobiography be? Tequila Sunsets =/. The sideways emoticon would be a part of the title too...

Pick Three
Kitten: I've seen Kitten play once before and Chloe kills it. I'd love to see them tear it up in Texas!

Tegan and Sara: I really like their new single and the direction they went with on their new album. I've got a pop heart.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis: I would love to see Macklemore and Ryan Lewis! The Heist is one of my favorite new albums and also I'm in love with Macklemore.

Family of the Year are playing next Wednesday at ACL Live and Thursday at the Radio Day Stage so don't miss their super fun, super breezy sounds.

We hope you're enjoying all this question answering madness. You can read more here if you're so inclined.

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