Demo Listening and Composing Sessions at SXSW Music

Written by Rory Burbeck | Thursday, Feb 20, 2014

Demo Listening Session at SXSW 2013

The SXSW Music Conference hosts a number of sessions intended to give artists direct feedback on their music in a variety of ways. Whether you need feedback on how your music would fit into different commercials and films, or you are just looking for direct feedback from A&R representatives, we have you covered.

Demo Listening Sessions offer a unique opportunity for Music and Platinum registrants, as well as Showcasing Artists, to get direct feedback from music professionals - the kind of people who listen to demo tapes as a part of their job. Producers, A&R representatives, talent buyers, and publicists will sit on various demo sessions. Our Demo Listening Sessions will take place in Room 10C of the Austin Convention Center, at 3:30pm Wednesday, March 12 through­ Friday, March 14. We've provided links to Demo Listening Sessions below:

Demo Listening 1
Demo Listening 2
Demo Listening 3

Music Supervisor Pitch Sessions offer the same sort of feedback from licensing, sync and music supervision experts. They will offer you a glimpse at the viability of licensing your music for different genres of film, commercials and more. You submit your song, tell us what you think it could be used in, and you'll receive honest feedback from our panel. Our Music Supervisor Pitch Sessions will take place in Room 10C of the Austin Convention Center, at 2:00pm Wednesday, March 12 through­ Friday, March 14th. We've provided links to Music Supervisor Pitch Sessions below:

Music Supervisor Pitch Session 1
Music Supervisor Pitch Session 2
Music Supervisor Pitch Session 3

Are you interested in composing music for commercials? Music for spots is not about the music itself, its about music supporting a branded message. It’s about telling a story and making an idea better. Here is an opportunity to interpret a creative brief and have your music critiqued by industry experts. Download the spot, read the brief and submit your idea. Show up and hear direct, informative feedback the way we do to composers on a daily basis. The Composing Music to Task session will take place on Wednesday, March 12 from 5:00pm-­6:00pm in Artist Central in Ballroom E.