Four on the Floor: Psychedelic Rock Bands

Written by Jessica Pickett | Wednesday, Feb 5, 2014

Today's Four on the Floor brings you four mind-bending bands who give the phrase "drone on" a positive spin. These trippy musicians utilize techniques such as distortion, feedback, and reverb to pull their listeners into a psychedelic kaleidoscope of rock n' roll. Three out of the four acts below will be making their Austin debut at SXSW 2014, proving that psych rock is making a resurgence in today's music scene.


A four-piece collective hailing from Chicago, Secret Colours use wailing electric guitars and haunting, dreamy vocals in their songs to create a psychedelic vibe. They just released the first part of a two-part EP yesterday entitled Positive Distractions Part I. The second half of the EP is due out on April 29th. They also performed at both Austin Psych Fest in 2012 and Milwaukee Psych Fest in 2013.
RIYL: Dead Meadow, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

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Coming to Austin all the way from Oslo, Norway, psych quartet Electric Eye list Pink Floyd, The Black Angels, and Wooden Shjips as some of their biggest musical influences. They are also heavily inspired by Indian music and exotic instrumentation and they showcase this in several of their compositions. Their debut album, Pick-up, Lift-off, Space, Time, was released last April and they have been slated to perform at the new Oslo Pysch Fest in September 2014.
RIYL: The Black Angels, Brian Jonestown Massacre

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LA-based five-piece, Mystic Braves, bring a certain beach goth psych to the table à la The Growlers and Allah-Las. Their reverb-infused sound has a very groovy 60s surf party vibe and they just wrapped up a residency at well-known Santa Ana venue, The Constellation Room. Their self-titled debut LP was released last February on Lollipop Records and they are slated to perform on the Austin Psych Fest showcase for their debut SXSW 2014 performance.
RIYL: The Growlers, Allah-Las

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Perhaps the youngest of our psychedelic brethren, Boogarins is a group of teens from Goiânia, Brazil who are making serious waves in the psych rock scene after the release of their debut LP, As Plantas Que Curam. The album was released by Other Music Recording Co. (Fat Possum Records) and in cassette form via Burger Records. The band is currently playing tour support for fellow psych rockers, Sleepy Sun, and have also played alongside Tame Impala.
RIYL: Moon Duo, Tame Impala

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