Now Playing: The Octopus Project at SXSW 2014

Written by Bobby Nall | Wednesday, Jun 4, 2014

Austin has been blessed for over a decade by the presence of the raucous, eclectic experimental dance party of The Octopus Project, who are currently wrapping up a European tour in support of their 5th full-length release, Fever Forms. At any given time in Austin, their upbeat, boundless electronica could be the soundtrack to an art opening, the score of a movie at the Alamo Drafthouse, or sharing the stage with Devo, Aesop Rock or Explosions in the Sky.

To live in Austin is to know and love The Octopus Project.

The group played SXSW this March at the North Door, showing off the new tracks, the new light show, and creating a live atmosphere as fun as synth/theremin/multi-instrumentalist Yvonne Lambert's signature 'do.

Check out the clip of the newest single, "Mmkit" above, as well as live performances of "The Adjuster" and "Whitby".