Session Theme: Recording

Written by Rory Burbeck | Thursday, Jan 30, 2014

The Modern Mastering Matters Session at SXSW 2013

If you’re an artist traveling to Austin for SXSW this March, chances are you’ve already recorded some of your music, whether it was in your bedroom or in a big professional studio. During the process of recording, mixing, and mastering, was there a technical issue that frustrated you? After listening to the final product (probably a million times), did you feel like there was something missing? Attending SXSW Music Conference sessions on recording could help with alleviating those issues in the future. We've outlined these sessions below.

Sound quality (or lack thereof, depending on your viewpoint) is becoming a bigger issue all the time as we dive deeper into the world of digital music - and part of this has to do with the recording process. Since CDs were introduced, audio engineers have had more flexibility to increase the overall volume of a song - but this is to the detriment of the song’s dynamic range. Why do they do this? An article published by The Atlantic in November offered this explanation: “The truth is that artists and engineers make their music loud because they want to.”

It’s up to you as an artist to determine how you want your music to sound, whether or not you decide to crank up the volume. But these little details matter, and the way in which you approach the production of your music could make a huge difference in your career. Understanding as much as you can about the recording process will help to make sure your music is heard the way you intended it to be. Check below for SXSW 2014 Music Conference sessions on recording.

  • Exploring Mystique in the Art of Music Mastering (Gavin Lurssen, Lurssen Mastering)
  • The Art of the Crossfade (Jeff Beckham, Wired)
  • The Evolution of Audio in a Mobile World (Sabrina Pietryga, Text100)
  • How to Do-It Better in the Bedroom (Madison Grieco, Stadiumred)
  • Top Tech Innovation Trends for Music 2014 (Kevin O'Malley, TechTalk/Studio)
  • Modern Mastering Matters session at SXSW 2013. Photo by Yoomi Park.