Survey Prize Winner Kayo Dot Shares Their SXSW Experience

Written by Rory Burbeck | Thursday, May 1, 2014

SXSW 2014 Band: Kayo Dot

Congratulations to Kayo Dot on winning two Platinum Badges for SXSW 2015! The experimental metal group hailing from Brooklyn were the artist winners of the registrant survey prizes this year. Kayo Dot had a pretty successful SXSW 2014 Music Festival, taking full advantage of their time both on and off stage. We asked the band to outline their experience at our festival, which we have included below.

As of SXSW 2014, Kayo Dot was an unsigned and self-released band going into the festival with no outside support, and ultimately, we felt SXSW 2014 was a great experience for us overall. Everything went smoothly, from check-in to scheduled events.

We spent an entire week down there, gratefully crashing with our friends in the Austin band, The Invincible Czars (otherwise the trip would have been unaffordable), and used the daytime hours to attend as many conference sessions as we could and the nighttime hours to check out bands we were interested in. I personally got to see a lot of bands I love in a compact amount of time all in the same small vicinity, and even some that I never thought I'd ever have the chance to see (Spandau Ballet!)... pretty amazing.

Having booked some shows on the front and back side of SXSW Music, I would say that it was a totally worthwhile trip (having come all the way from NYC); even as a band that would by many be considered "weird" or "inaccessible," we were able to make real connections with new fans, old fans, bands, and some industry people, and were able to learn a lot about how certain aspects of the industry apply to everyone, and now we can use what we learned to help us better decide what we do and do not want to make a part of our own individual paths as artists.

From all angles, we were made to feel welcome and valued in Austin, something we hadn't quite expected.

Kayo Dot photo courtesy of the artist