SXSW Staff Picks: Austin Psych Fest 2014 (Part 4)

Written by James Minor | Wednesday, Apr 30, 2014
Austin Psych Fest 2014

Unfairly marketed in the early 90's as the American answer to My Bloody Valentine, Medicine never received the attention they deserved and ending up calling it quits in 1995. Although MBV is a decent enough touchstone to start with, Medicine worked with a harsher sonic palette and had a distinct identity that set them apart from the shoegaze acts that they were lumped in with. I was lucky enough to see them a few times the first time around - the last time at the Metro in Chicago in 1994.

I've had their new LP Mess on repeat since it was released, and it's a definite "album of the year" contender. As electronic and mechanical as the band is in their current state, this is a really odd booking for APF, but it's much appreciated.

La Femme
One of the best live bands I saw at SXSW this year. Equal parts punk, surf, new wave and krautrock yet somehow still overtly French.

The Horrors
Each record they release has been better than the last, and Luminous is no exception. I can't wait to see the new songs live.

Classic records that I never thought I'd see live. Very exciting.

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Image courtesy of Austin Psych Fest & The Reverberation Appreciation Society