Panel Podcast: "Red Menace: Cuba's Heavy Metal Underground"

Written by Bobby Nall | Wednesday, Jul 17, 2013

Photos by Yoomi Park

We weren't sure they were even gonna make it to Austin. Getting a band from Cuba into the US legally is quite tricky, and they had to jump through some hoops, but they got here, and they shared their amazing experiences with us. If it's that hard just to travel, imagine how crazy it is to be a death metal band in the relatively isolated Communist country. Stemming from moderator and music writer David Peisner's article on the metal scene in Spin and with the help Tracy Noelle Luz (Unblock The Rock), we heard directly from Cuban zine writers/musicians Alex and Michael Sanchez Salazar (Scriptorium Zine/Ancestor), Joel Salazar Suarez (Ancestor) and members of the band Escape.

Hear the incredible, unique story of the emergence and struggles of a burgeoning metal scene in Communist Cuba.