Rising Stars of the SXSW 2024 Music Festival: Forest Claudette

Rising Stars of the SXSW 2024 Music Festival

Exploring the Breakout Acts and Emerging Talent Set to Shine on the SXSW Stage

This season's lineup at the 2024 SXSW Music Festival features a stellar cast of budding Showcasing Artists on their rise to the top. From March 11-16, be part of the moment as these rising stars grace the stage, forge new connections, and immerse themselves in the vibrant SXSW experience.

With hundreds of talented acts taking over downtown Austin, you won't want to miss the raw, soulful expression of Dende, the fusion of traditional cumbia and modern pop from Estevie, or the blend of streamlined fiery songs with fragile and abstract tones from Tramhaus. These emerging artists are ready to make their mark and transform the music world.

Immerse yourself in the sounds of the Official SXSW 2024 Playlist on Spotify, where you can discover a plethora of emerging talent. Then, venture through the SXSW Schedule to explore new favorite artists and plan your unforgettable festival experience.


Airu captivates audiences with sentimentalism, catchy melodies, and deep vocals, evoking a surreal journey of dreams with reverberated guitars and warm-hearted synths. Their debut album Con lo bueno y con pena, released last October, offers a poignant collection of melancholic indie pop songs that stir a myriad of emotions, from nostalgia to tears, inviting listeners into a captivating musical experience.

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BODEGA, originally known as BODEGA BAY, reimagines their 2015 album Our Brand Could Be Your Life in 2024, showcasing their art-punk ethos and critical commentary on corporate influence in youth culture. Led by guitarist and singer Ben Hozie, alongside a complete ensemble including Nikki Belfiglio, Dan Ryan, Adam See, and Adam Shumski.

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China Bears

China Bears, originating from Somerset, UK, blend misery-anthemic indie with emotive high energy, captivating audiences from intimate venues to festival main stages. With a trajectory marked by self-released singles, extensive UK tours, and EP collaborations with Fierce Panda Records, the band, championed by radio icons like Steve Lamacq and John Kennedy, is poised for a promising debut album release following their recording session with Rod Jones in Edinburgh.

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Chris Patrick

Chris Patrick, a rising star from East Orange, New Jersey, boasts a diverse catalog, seamlessly blending rap and melodic hooks inspired by real-life experiences. His career trajectory mirrors his determination, promising continued ascent in the rap scene.

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Hailing from Katy, Texas, and now thriving in Houston, Dende embodies a multifaceted artist, blending R&B, soul, and personal narratives from his life and those around him. With a contemporary take on early 2000s R&B, he fearlessly shares authentic stories, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in his raw, soulful expression.

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dust, the Newcastle post-punk quintet, rapidly solidifies their position as one of Australia's most distinctive bands, captivating audiences with their urgent and mesmeric performances. Their debut EP, 'et cetera, etc,' released in March 2023, showcases their innovative fusion of contemporary Australian post-punk with experimental jazz and electronic influences, resulting in a brooding yet dynamically progressive sound.

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Estevie, the first-generation Mexican American artist, pioneers the resurgence of old Latin sounds in contemporary pop, infusing traditional styles with modern flair at just 20 years old. From winning accolades on La Academia Kids to amassing a massive following on YouTube, her breakout single "Canela" and subsequent collaborations, including a top 10 debut on the Billboard 200, mark her as a rising star in the Latin music scene.

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Forest Claudette

Forest Claudette, the 24-year-old singer-songwriter, crafts music that navigates towards peace, blending diaristic songwriting with alternative R&B and pop sensibilities to find solace in a turbulent world. Through honest tracks like “Mess Around” and "Violence," featuring EARTHGANG, Claudette explores their Black and queer identity, drawing from personal experiences and classical music upbringing to create intimate yet compelling narratives that resonate with listeners seeking connection and understanding.

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Frex, an emerging artist known for her candid storytelling and genre-blending melodies, channels R&B, pop, jazz, and more to create music that champions human connection and vulnerability. From recording YouTube covers in her bedroom to releasing her own EP, Blu, which she recorded and mixed herself, Frex's journey from a small town misfit to a rising musician reflects her commitment to authenticity and breaking boundaries in the industry.

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Greek, hailing from Southwestern Virginia, discovered solace in music early on, a journey that led him to Los Angeles where he recorded his debut album EXTC and found success producing for artists like Weston Estate and Marco Luka. With sold-out headlining shows in LA and NYC, and a supporting role on tour with Weston Estate, Greek's rising profile garnered attention from industry heavyweights like Elton John, Zane Lowe, and Joe Budden, setting the stage for the release of his second album slated for February 2024.

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Formed by Friné Alejo and Joan Page in Mexico City in 2020, Juanpalitoschinos merges the nostalgic sounds of 80s Japanese City-Pop with Latin American indie influences, creating a unique musical blend. Their viral hit "Lo Que Tú Me Das" and other singles like "Bellavista 130" showcase their ability to craft catchy and memorable songs, connecting with millions of listeners worldwide and solidifying their presence in the global music scene in just their first year.

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Lambrini Girls

Phoebe Lunny and Lilly Macieira are Lambrini Girls, the queer duo has secured an impressive 50 consecutive Eurovision wins while infusing their music with influences ranging from punk to noise rock. Beyond setting stages ablaze, they're committed to fostering safe spaces and challenging norms, advocating for visibility and authenticity while urging audiences to prioritize inclusivity and solidarity in their communities.

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Latir, the London-based Alt indie-RnB artist, blends hip hop, jazz, electronic music, and poetry into his avant-garde style, characterized by timeless melodies and dreamy narratives. With the release of his co-produced EP ‘Daydreams & Desires,’ praised by COLORSxBERLIN, Billboard, and CLASH, and featured on esteemed playlists and platforms like BBC Radio 1Xtra and Spotify's New Music Friday.

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Minimal Schlager

Minimal Schlager, blending Italo disco with the darker realms of new wave and Berlin's underground club scene, mesmerize audiences with their synthpop melodrama described by UNCUT as "classy." Following a successful European tour and supporting acts like The KVB and Jaakko Eino Kalevi, the band's 2023 compilation "Dance is a Place of Resistance" captures the essence of desire and rebellion on the dancefloor through reworks, remixes, demos, and covers, marking their distinctive presence in the electronic music landscape.

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Pink Pablo

Pink Pablo, the singer-songwriter and producer hailing from Río Piedras, Puerto Rico, showcases his musical prowess and Latin flair inherited from a family of musicians. With infectious hits like "Candela," "Veo Luces," and "Perdimos El Control," Pablo captivates audiences with his versatile sound, recently making waves at the Coca-Cola FlowFest in Mexico City and maintaining a dedicated aesthetic in his visual content, staying true to his creative vision.

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PRONOUN, born out of heartbreak and nurtured in the corners of a Bushwick apartment, blossomed into a full-fledged career for Vellturo, culminating in a decade-long journey of self-discovery and musical expression. From the viral success of her debut track "a million other things" to the anthemic synths and blitzed guitars of her album i'll show you stronger, PRONOUN's rise has been marked by critical acclaim and memorable performances, including a standout appearance at SXSW 2017, as she continues to captivate audiences with her raw emotion and sonic prowess.

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Tramhaus, the daring postpunk sensation hailing from Rotterdam, has quickly become a force to be reckoned with, extending their impact far beyond their hometown with their joyous and energetic sound. Their music, a dynamic soundtrack to a vivacious, mysterious, and dangerous tale, navigates a drag race of emotions and euphoria, seamlessly blending streamlined fiery songs with fragile and abstract tones, all fueled by the near-symbiotic relationship among the five band members.

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