Unveiling the Third Round of 2024 SXSW Music Festival Showcasing Artists

The Black Keys, Flyana Boss, Bootsy Collins & More to Take the Stage

We’re entering 2024 with a hefty announcement for the SXSW Music Festival. As the 38th annual event draws nearer, we're here to give you the inside scoop. Announcing the third round of Showcasing Artists ready to break out in the city of Austin from March 11-16. With over 340 artists joining us from all corners of the globe, this year promises to be one for the books.

The 2024 SXSW Music Festival includes Flyana Boss, a viral dynamic duo bringing live rap reports straight from LA; Bootsy Collins, legendary funk and R&B maestro, consummate character, and James Brown’s pupil, is ready to groove with us; and J Noa, the Dominicana rapsmith with clever wordplay and a double-tempo skillset that'll leave you mesmerized.

Swooping in with a triple-SX-whammy are Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney of The Black Keys, a six-time Grammy-winning band. Not only are they Official Showcasing Artists, but they have also recently been added as a Keynote for the SXSW Conference and will make a splash on the SXSW Film & TV screen with the world premiere of This is a Film About The Black Keys.

Additionally, STRFKR is ushering in a new era with their album Parallel Realms; alongside Chih Siou, the enigmatic artist defying genres with a lucid mix of electronic and folk-pop; Belfast's own Kneecap, the trio that merges Irish and English in satirical socially conscious lyrics; and London musician signed to XL Recording, Fabiana Palladino. Continue reading below for the complete list of newly announced Showcasing Artists!

Newly-announced Showcase Presenters include: Athens In Austin, BBC Introducing, Beyond the Music Manchester, Big Picture Media, Billboard, BIRP.fm, The Broadside Hacks Folk Club, Canela Music by Canela.Tv, Chopstars, CLASH Music, Classical Unlocked, The Color Agent, Crosstown Concerts, Deezer, Double Denim, End of the Trail, Fair Enough PR, Flatspot Records, Folk Alliance International, Friends from the East Festival, FRIENDSHIP., Future Classic, Gar Hole Records, Give A Note Foundation, Houndstooth, Iceland Music, Italia Music Export, Indie Shuffle, Initiative Musik, Jaded, KUTX The Breaks, LICKS Magazine, Monster Child, Mothland, Music Website, MUTEK, Nerdcore, NIVA, NoiseCo, Paper Bag Records, Penny Loafer PR, Post Electric Artists, PlantWave, Roskilde Festival, Ramp Local, Range Magazine, Rhythm n Vibes, Rolling Stone, School Night, Selector Radio, So Recordings, Sofar Sounds, Tiger Bomb Promo, Trucha Soul, Violet House, WeFoundNewMusic, We Were Never Being Boring, and WOMEX.

Prep for the SXSW Music Festival

With so many artists, where do you start? Here are some ways to discover the 2024 Music Festival lineup:

Secure your spot early for SXSW 2024 to witness these phenomenal acts live, along with countless discovery opportunities, including conference sessions, screenings, exhibitions, networking events, and much more. We can't wait to see y'all in March!

2024 SXSW Showcasing Artists

Everything subject to change.

Acantha Lang (London UK-ENGLAND)
Ada Oda (Brussels BELGIUM)
airu (Bilbao SPAIN)
The Alex Coke & Carl Michel Sextet (Austin TX)
Alice Ivy (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
Alisa Amador (Boston MA)
Alix Fernz (Montreal QC)
Allan Harris (New York NY)
Allegra Krieger (New York NY)
Altameda (Toronto ON)
Amber Lang (Willingboro NJ)
Amiture (New York NY)
Andrew Gould (Queens NY)
Angélica Garcia (El Monte CA)
Ankur Tewari (Mumbai INDIA)
A'Rise (Sun-El Musician, Kay Faith, Kooldrink) (Mooi River SOUTH AFRICA)
Arny Margret (Ísafjörður ICELAND)
Asha Jefferies (Brisbane AUSTRALIA)
Ashley Kutcher (Baltimore MD)
Aubrey Haddard (Brooklyn NY)
Aurora D'Amico (Palermo ITALY)
Babe Corner (Vancouver BC)
BackDrop Cinderella (Tokyo JAPAN)
Bebo Dumont (San Juan PUERTO RICO)
The Belair Lip Bombs (Frankston AUSTRALIA)
Ben Buck (Austin TX)
Ben Kweller (Dripping Springs TX)
Bia Ferreira (São Paulo BRAZIL)
Big Dumb Baby (Brooklyn NY)
Big Jade (Beaumont TX)
Big Wy's Brass Band (Austin TX)
Big Zeeks (London UK-ENGLAND)
Billy Allen + The Pollies (Muscle Shoals AL)
The Black Keys (Akron OH)
Blakchyl (Austin TX)
Blind Channel (Helsinki FINLAND)
Blue Water Highway (Austin TX)
Bones and Jones (Geelong AUSTRALIA)
Bonnie Montgomery (Fayetteville AR)
Bootsy Collins (Cincinnati OH)
Boza (Panama PANAMA)
Brad Byrd (Los Angeles CA)
breathe. (Sydney AUSTRALIA)
Brie Stoner (Grand Rapids MI)
Bubble Tea and Cigarettes (New York NY)
Buggin (Chicago IL)
Byron Juane (Charlotte NC)
C4 (Birmingham UK-ENGLAND)
Cactus Lee (Austin TX)
Caleb De Casper (Austin TX)
Cale Tyson (Los Angeles CA)
Cameron Romance (Los Angeles CA)
Cardinals (Cork IRELAND)
Carpetman (Kyiv UKRAINE)
Cassadee Pope (West Palm Beach TN)
Chance Emerson (Hong Kong HONG KONG)
Chase Shakur (Atlanta GA)
Chelsea Days (Oklahoma City OK)
ChihiroYamazaki+ROUTE14band (Kawasaki JAPAN)
Chih Siou (Taipei TAIWAN)
Chinese American Bear (Seattle WA)
Chioke (Philadelphia PA)
Chris Acker (New Orleans LA)
Chris Patrick (East Orange NJ)
Cloudchord (Austin TX)
Clover County (Athens GA)
College of Hip Hop Knowledge (Austin TX)
Corridor (Montreal QC)
Couch Prints (New York NY)
The Courettes (Mariager DENMARK)
Crabe (Montreal QC)
Creekbed Carter Hogan (Austin TX)
Crys Matthews (Nashville TN)
Cuffed Up (Los Angeles CA)
Curtis McMurtry (Austin TX)
Daisy Rickman (Penzance UK-ENGLAND)
Dale Hollow (New York NY)
Dani Gurgel & Debora Gurgel (São Paulo BRAZIL)
Danxgerous (Rome ITALY)
Day By Day (South Florida FL)
DBMK (Tampa FL)
Deer Fellow (Austin TX)
Def-i (Albuquerque NM)
Dende (Katy TX)
Desiree Cannon (Jenner CA)
The Deslondes (New Orleans LA)
Die Slo (Austin TX)
The Dinosaur’s Skin (Taipei TAIWAN)
Dj Napalm (Austin TX)
Doohickey Cubicle (Vancouver BC)
Dual Core (Austin TX)
DV-i (New York NY)
DVTR (Montreal QC)
Dyce (Leuven BELGIUM)
Dylan Earl (Fayetteville AR)
Eliza McLamb (Los Angeles CA)
Embla and the Karidotters (Bergen NORWAY)
End It (Baltimore MD)
Enji (Munich GERMANY)
The Eric Hisaw Band (Austin TX)
Erykah Officer (Miami FL)
Ethan Tasch (Menlo Park CA)
Eva Westphal (New York NY)
EyeQ (Brooklyn TX)
Fabiana Palladino (London UK-ENGLAND)
The fin. (Kobe JAPAN)
Flyana Boss (Los Angeles CA)
Font (Austin TX)
FOXCULT (Seattle WA)
Frances Chang (Brooklyn NY)
Friend (Philadelphia PA)
Gabby’s World (New York NY)
GameboyJones (Kent OH)
Grace Pettis (Nashville TN)
Greg Freeman (Burlington VT)
grimelda (Saskatoon SK)
Gummy B (Taipei TAIWAN)
Hanorah (Montreal QC)
Helsinki Lambda Club (Tokyo JAPAN)
Hembree (Lawrence MO)
His His (Toronto ON)
Hollows (Manchester UK-ENGLAND)
Hotel Mira (Vancouver BC)
HUSHMONEY (Los Angeles CA)
The Ian Fays (San Francisco CA)
Ila Barker (Winnipeg MB)
Indian Giver (Toronto ON)
ISMAY (Petaluma CA)
Ivoris (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
Jack Van Cleaf (Encinitas CA)
Jaz Dhami (Birmingham UK-ENGLAND)
Jeff Lofton (Austin TX)
Jess Cornelius (Los Angeles CA)
JET THE 3RD (Houston TX)
J. Isaiah Evans & The Boss Tweed (Dallas TX)
JJ Shiplett (Calgary AB)
Jobi Riccio (Nashville TN)
Johnny Jewel (Los Angeles CA)
John Roseboro (Brooklyn NY)
JOSEON (Los Angeles CA)
Joudy (Brooklyn NY)
JPerry (Port-Au-Prince OU)
J Soulja (Austin TX)
JW Francis (Sapulpa Oklahoma OK)
Kadesh Flow (Kansas City MO)
Kaitlin Butts (Tulsa OK)
Kalamari (San Antonio TX)
Kaleah Lee (Vancouver BC)
Keenan Te (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
Kharma (Chicago IL)
Kierst (Brooklyn NY)
King Nun (London UK-ENGLAND)
Kiss Bang (Los Angeles CA)
Kneecap (Belfast UK-N. IRELAND)
Kolb (Brooklyn NY)
kudaranai1nichi (Tokyo JAPAN)
K.Williams (Tacoma WA)
La Gallo 3:20 (Monterrey MEXICO)
Lamont Landers (Decatur AL)
Laney Jones (Nashville TN)
Latir (London UK-ENGLAND)
Laveda (Brooklyn NY)
Lev Snowe (Winnipeg MB)
LEX the Lexicon Artist (Taipei TAIWAN)
Liam St. John (Spokane WA)
Life’s Question (Philadelphia PA)
Life In Vacuum (Toronto ON)
Light Beams (Washington DC)
Limbo (San Francisco CA)
Lisa Morgenstern (Berlin GERMANY)
Little Wilderness (Durango CO)
Lizzie & The Makers (Brooklyn NY)
LOS KEMET (Jackson MS)
Lost Bayou Ramblers (Lafayette LA)
The Lostines (New Orleans LA)
Lucaa (Washington DC)
Lucky Lo (Copenhagen DENMARK)
LUCY (Cooper B. Handy) (Northampton MA)
Luna Aura (Nashville TN)
Luther Dickinson (Memphis TN)
luvis (Tokyo JAPAN)
Lxandra (Helsinki FINLAND)
Madeleine Mayi (Los Angeles CA)
Madeline Goldstein (Los Angeles CA)
Majin (Taipei TAIWAN)
Malin Pettersen (Oslo NORWAY)
Marcelo D2 (Rio de Janeiro BRAZIL)
Marissa Burwell (Regina SK)
Mary Scholz (Los Angeles CA)
Mary Shelley (Brooklyn NY)
Mayuan Poet (Kunming CHINA)
MC LARS (San Francisco CA)
MDUKE (San Antonio TX)
Mel Bryant & the Mercy Makers (Nashville TN)
Me Nd Adam (Austin TX)
Merce Lemon (Pittsburgh PA)
Merv xx Gotti (Regina SK)
Midnight Navy (Austin TX)
Mina Okabe (Copenhagen DENMARK)
Mind Shrine (Houston TX)
Miranda Joan (Montréal QC)
Miso Extra (London UK-ENGLAND)
Moffa (José Gabriel Feliciano) (San Juan PUERTO RICO)
Moon Walker (New York NY)
MOTO BANDIT (Nashville TN)
My Education (Austin TX)
Myrkvi (Mosfellsbær ICELAND)
Natalie Price (Austin TX)
Nawf Lxrds (Waco TX)
Nick Finzer (Denton TX)
Night Drive (Austin TX)
N Nao (Montreal QC)
Noah And The Loners (Brighton UK-ENGLAND)
Nonô (Rio de Janeiro BRAZIL)
Nur-D (Minneapolis MN)
Nyssa (Toronto ON)
Ohm-I (Kansas City MO)
Ok Cowgirl (Brooklyn NY)
Old Heavy Hands (Greensboro NC)
The Oxys (Austin TX)
The Past Lives (Austin TX)
Peelander-Z (Austin TX)
The Peevie Wonders (Newcastle UK-ENGLAND)
PEGGY (Ann Arbour MI)
Pendulum Hearts (Austin TX)
Philip Labes (Los Angeles CA)
PIAO (Toronto ON)
Pierce Washington (Dallas TX)
pimpawatb (Baltimore MD)
Poise (New York NY)
Pony Girl (Ottawa-Hull ON)
Programmique (Brooklyn NY)
Provoker (Los Angeles CA)
Prowess The Testament (Washington DC)
Purple Bee Experience (Volente TX)
QUANNA (Savannah GA)
Rachel Rose (Brooklyn NY)
Rain on Fridays (San Diego CA)
Ray$av (New Orleans LA)
Remo Drive (Minneapolis MN)
Restos (Austin TX)
Reyna Tropical (McAllen TX)
RIP Dunes (Brooklyn NY)
Robert Grace (Kilkenny IRELAND)
Rose Hotel (Atlanta GA)
Sara Parigi (Prato ITALY)
Schatzi (Austin TX)
Scowl (Santa Cruz CA)
Scuttino (Dallas TX)
Searows (Portland OR)
The Sewing Club (Nashville TN)
Shallow Alcove (New York NY)
Shalom (Fairfax VA)
Shannon and the Clams (Oakland CA)
Shubzilla x Bill Beats (Seattle WA)
Six Missing (Austin TX)
SkyBlew (Chapel Hill NC)
Songer (Reading UK-ENGLAND)
Sophia Galaté (Los Angeles CA)
The South Hill Experiment (Los Angeles CA)
Space Goonz (Austin TX)
Spoon Benders (Los Angeles CA)
Stereo Jane (Los Angeles CA)
Storey Littleton (Woodstock NY)
Sugadaisy (Nashville TN)
Sunnsetter (Hamilton ON)
Suzanna Choffel (Austin TX)
SWEET SPINE (Greenville SC)
Taija Kerr (Austin TX)
Tami Hart (Brooklyn NY)
Telescreens (New York NY)
Tempers (New York NY)
Thelonious Love (Houston TX)
Therapy? (Belfast UK-N. IRELAND)
There Go My Baby (San Antonio TX)
Thomas Hinds (Cartersville GA)
Tiffany Poon (Hong Kong HONG KONG)
Tino Martinez Quartet (Hamilton BERMUDA)
Totalement Sublime (Montréal QC)
Trinket (Brooklyn NY)
Una Canción Bonita (Tuxtla Gutiérrez MEXICO)
Utley3 (Austin TX)
VAPERROR (Brooklyn NY)
Vertarias (Austin TX)
Vitesse X (Brooklyn NY)
WAKE (Calgary AB)
West 22nd (Austin TX)
Wez Atlas (Tokyo JAPAN)
WifeKnife (Brooklyn NY)
William Singe (Sydney AUSTRALIA)
Willow Parlo (Hamburg GERMANY)
wilt (Los Angeles CA)
Wishy (Indianapolis IN)
Wonderly (Portland OR)
Wreck The System (Temple Hills MD)
X Ambassadors (Ithaca NY)
xJermsx (New York NY)
Yayoi Daimon (Osaka JAPAN)
Yung D3mz (Accra GHANA)
Zach Person (Austin TX)
ZADA (Whistler BC)
Zay.Peace (Wichita Falls TX)
Zitah (London UK-ENGLAND)

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