Meet the 2024 SXSW Music Festival's First Wave of Showcasing Artists

Hinds, waterbaby, Dry Cleaning, and More to Take the Stage

It’s that time again – the SXSW season is revving up and we’re excited to unveil the first round of Showcasing Artists set to ignite the stages at the 2024 SXSW Music Festival, taking place from March 11-16.

Today’s announcement offers a tantalizing glimpse into what’s in store for the 2024 event, with almost 150 artists from around the globe. Our lineup spans from emerging talents to seasoned veterans and there are still over one thousand more yet to be revealed. Let's dive in!

4AD’s genre-hopping maximalist NYC punks cumgirl8 and UK post-punks Dry Cleaning join us along with London-based, Austrian-Brazilian grunge-pop singer Viji.

Stockholm-based waterbaby made waves with her Sub-Pop bedroom pop debut EP, “Foam,” and Spain’s indie garage darlings Hinds return to showcase their highly anticipated fourth album.

Texan group Giovannie & The Hired Guns are redefining rock-and-roll and country music with their irresistible gritty sound that transcends genres and cultures. Plus, prepare to be mesmerized once again by Colombian psychedelic funk trio BALTHVS.

A few of this year’s Showcase Presenters include: Adult Decisions, All The Vibes, Breakout West, Everything R&B, Island Wave, Italians Do It Better, Don Giovanni, Jazz Re:Freshed, The Line of Best Fit, The Loyalty Firm, M for Montreal, Mint Talent Group, Pop Montreal, Spanish Wave, Taiwan Beats, and Wide Days Scotland.

Prep for the SXSW Music Festival

We know you can’t wait for March to come around, so let's get to know the first round of 2024 Showcasing Artists:

Don’t forget to register early for SXSW 2024 so you can catch these phenomenal acts live along with the many discovery opportunities SX offers, including conference sessions, screenings, exhibitions, networking opportunities, and so much more. We can’t wait to see you in March!

2024 SXSW Showcasing Artists

Everything subject to change.

Aleighcia Scott (Cardiff UK-WALES)
Ariel & The Culture (Dallas TX)
Arielle Soucy (Montreal CANADA)
ASHY (Christchurch NEW ZEALAND)
Azahriah (Budapest HUNGARY)
Bathe Alone (Atlanta GA)
Bay Ledges (Portland ME)
Beharie (Sandnes NORWAY)
Birthday Girl (Brooklyn NY)
Bisa Kdei (Accra GHANA)
BODEGA (New York NY)
Boogey The Beat (Winnipeg CANADA)
C.Diab (Vancouver CANADA)
Cecilia Castleman (Franklin TN)
Chiedu Oraka (Hull UK-ENGLAND)
Coach Party (Newport UK-ENGLAND)
Cosmo Pyke (London UK-ENGLAND)
cumgirl8 (New York NY)
Desire (Los Angeles CA)
Dry Cleaning (London UK-ENGLAND)
Dylan Gossett (Austin TX)
Ebi Soda (London UK-ENGLAND)
Edan Archer (Gainesville FL)
El Combo Oscuro (Austin TX)
Elijah Johnston (Atlanta GA)
Faux Real (Los Angeles CA)
Fire EX. (Kaohsiung TAIWAN)
fuvk (Austin TX)
Giovannie & The Hired Guns (Stephenville TX)
Glue Trip (São Paulo BRAZIL)
Godcaster (Brooklyn NY)
greek (Martinsville VA)
Half Dream (Austin TX)
Heffner (Athens GA)
Hermanos Gutiérrez (Zurich SWITZERLAND)
Hinds (Madrid SPAIN)
Holiday Ghosts (Brighton UK-ENGLAND)
Hot Garbage (Toronto CANADA)
HotWax (Hastings UK-ENGLAND)
Housewife (Toronto CANADA)
iogi (Tel Aviv ISRAEL)
Islet (Cardiff UK-WALES)
Jazzbois (Budapest HUNGARY)
Joe King Carrasco (Austin TX)
Kam Franklin (Houston TX)
Karl Vento (Gothenburg SWEDEN)
Kassa Overall (Seattle WA)
Kelz (Westminster CA)
Kiwi Jr. (Toronto CANADA)
Kyra (London UK-ENGLAND)
La Sécurité (Montreal CANADA)
Le Couleur (Montreal CANADA)
The Life (New York NY)
Lip Critic (New York NY)
Living Hour (Winnipeg CANADA)
Lo Moon (Los Angeles CA)
Lord Friday The 13th (Austin TX)
Los Premios (Valencia SPAIN)
Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys (Berlin GERMANY)
Mama Duke (Austin TX)
Mamalarky (Atlanta GA)
Marem Ladson (Galicia SPAIN)
Maria Chiara Argirò (Rome ITALY)
Maura Weaver (Cincinnati OH)
Middle Sattre (Austin TX)
Minimal Schlager (Berlin GERMANY)
Miss Kaninna (Bruny Island AUSTRALIA)
Mong Tong (Taipei TAIWAN)
Moritz Simon Geist (Dresden GERMANY)
mui zyu (London UK-ENGLAND)
Nabihah Iqbal (London UK-ENGLAND)
Neptune's Core (Chicago IL)
OH HE DEAD (Washington DC)
orbit (Achim GERMANY)
ORION (Providence RI)
Otto Aday (Ferndale UK-WALES)
Paisley Fields (Brooklyn NY)
Pauli The PSM (London UK-ENGLAND)
Pehuenche (Xalapa MEXICO)
The Pink Stones (Athens GA)
porij (Manchester UK-ENGLAND)
Psymon Spine (Brooklyn NY)
Reality Club (Jakarta INDONESIA)
Red Axes (Tel Aviv ISRAEL)
Reilly Downes (Bandera TX)
Richard Spaven (London UK-ENGLAND)
Sam Tudor (Gavin Lake CANADA)
Sarah Klang (Gothenburg SWEDEN)
Sarah Morrison (Tallahassee FL)
semiwestern (Rockwall TX)
Shelf Lives (London UK-ENGLAND)
The Silver Lines (Birmingham UK-ENGLAND)
Sorry Girls (Montreal CANADA)
Spencer Thomas (Athens GA)
Spyres (Glasgow UK-SCOTLAND)
Tagua Tagua (São Paulo BRAZIL)
TAUK (Oyster Bay NY)
Telula (New York NY)
Tomato Flower (Baltimore MD)
Tough On Fridays (Georgetown TX)
Tramhaus (Rotterdam NETHERLANDS)
Viji (London UK-ENGLAND)
waterbaby (Stockholm SWEDEN)
West Texas Exiles (Austin TX)
Winona Fighter (Nashville TN)
Wolves of Glendale (Glendale CA)
zzzahara (Los Angeles CA)

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