Comedy Video Spotlight: In Security with Dan St. Germain

Written by Samantha Pitchel | Thursday, Sep 19, 2013

Since appearing at SXSW Comedy in 2012, standup Dan St. Germain has been incredibly busy. Like, serious overachiever busy, starting with the success of his My Damn Channel web series, Kicking Dan Out. Since, he’s appeared on VH1’s Best Week Ever, been named one of Variety’s 10 Comics to Watch, released his own Comedy Central Half Hour, and made dozens of late night appearances. He also hosts the podcast My Dumb Friends with comic Sean Donnelly, and recently recorded a new full-length album. Busy.

One of the more offbeat fruits of his labors is In Security, a new web series from Comedy Central’s CC:Studios. Created by and starring St. Germain, the series breaks animated absurdity into bite-sized minisodes. The show’s tagline – “Priceless pieces of art guarded by worthless pieces of s**t” – gives a heads up that the it’s not quite NSFW, but fans of similarly well-crafted crassness (for example, Reno 911 and Ugly Americans) will love In Security’s cast of misfits (voiced by fellow SXSW Comedy alums Janeane Garofalo and Andrew Short, with Henry Zebrowski, Andre Royo, and Yamaneika Saunders).

“It’s the un-Night at the Museum,” St. Germain tells Splitsider. “It’s essentially about people who cannot function in a 9-5 environment, the chaos they create amongst themselves, and how they get through being completely isolated.” (Read the rest of Splitsider’s interview here).

Check out the latest episode, “Layoff Giveaway” (which is full of bad words you shouldn’t listen to in a crowded office):

Photos by Rebecca Rotenberg