The LP Questionnaire - Jon Gabrus

Written by Linda Park | Wednesday, Mar 5, 2014

The LP Questionnaire with Jon GabrusJon Gabrus is wicked funny and performing all over the place at this year's festival.

If you didn't know, he is 6'2", 295 lbs, and still plays rugby... and Dungeons and Dragons.

He's been on Guy Code, Wild N Out and is a longtime performer at the UCB Theatre.

His favorite show right now is Banshee.

My fave LPQ right now is his.

The LP Questionnaire
Name: Jon Gabrus
Do you have any nicknames? Gabrus (everyone just calls me that since there were like 5 Jonathans in my junior high), Teflon Jon, Whitey Roazy

1. Pretend you’re 15. Name three songs you'd put on a mix tape for your girlfriend/boyfriend. It's 1997 and that tape would have Weezer "Falling for You," Queen "You're my Best Friend," and Dre "Let Me Ride." All I listened to until senior year was the two Weezer albums, The Chronic, and a Queen mixtape my grandpa's neighbor made for me.

2. Which evil villain would make the best President? Smaug, he understands the importance of saving money.

3. What was your favorite cartoon as a child? X-Men the cartoon. I hear the theme song in my head once a week.

4. What superpower do you wish you had? The ability to know if someone was in a public bathroom or not, so I wouldn't have to knock or try the handle.

5. What would the title of your autobiography be? Hot Meat & Cold Beer: The Jon Gabrus Story

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