Alternative Housing Ideas

Written by Lynda Pyle | Monday, Dec 16, 2013

Although all SXSW official hotel blocks are sold out for Interactive and Film conference dates (March 6-12) there are still alternative housing and reservation options if you’re ready to buy a registration. A little research on individual hotel websites could turn up a room that will suit you to a T. Or check online travel sites like Expedia, Travelocity, or Kayak. The SXSW group rate won’t be available to you, but the accommodations are the important thing.

Or how about sharing a hotel room with friends or colleagues? Ask around and you might find someone who’s willing to cut their hotel cost in half by taking on a roommate for the event.

Austinites have been enthusiastic about offering their homes as short term rentals and a little legwork on sites like, or might get you the perfect bungalow or condominium. Hint: search for locations like Downtown, East 6th/East Caesar Chavez, Clarksville, West Campus, South Congress, South First, South Lamar, and the zip codes 78704, 78703, 78701 and 78702.

If you end up staying outside downtown, Austin’s public transit, Capitol Metro, supplements bus service and increases urban rail during SXSW.

There’s no denying the housing situation gets very tight during SXSW, but with a bit of resourcefulness you can find accommodations and maybe stumble across a whole new way to do SXSW.

*Photo by Aimee Wenske*