SXsports Highlights the Different Ways We Follow Sports

Written by Andrew McNeill | Tuesday, Nov 26, 2013

Lots of incredible programming for SXsports 2014

As more content for SXsports is released, one thing is clear: How we consume sports is on the front of everyone’s minds. With modern technology, there are more modes and locations to watch live sports, and more ways to interact with it.

Smartphones and tablet devices have made it possible to watch live sports on-the-go or in a remote location. Allowing those unable to enjoy the comfort of their living room to catch a game to still watch along with everyone else. And if they are able to view it live from their prime seat on the couch, those same devices provide second screen additions that enhance the at-home viewing experience. The SXsports panel “Crushing Second Screen: The Ultimate TV Companion” from the WWE addresses that trend and presents a case study on how to do it well.

But besides finding a way to watch the game, there are other ways to enjoy it. To that end, fantasy sports is one of the biggest sectors of the sports industry. You’re likely to find plenty of people at your office who participate in fantasy sports but don’t bother watching football, baseball or basketball, choosing instead to following along with the daily box scores. At SXsports, the future the fantasy sports world will be explored and new trends in this booming business will be discussed in the “What’s New in Fantasy Sports” panel.

Watching sports is only half the fun. Just as important is keeping engaged in the minutes during commercial breaks and in the hours between games. To find out how to do it right, get your Interactive, Film, Gold or Platinum badge and attend the SXsports track of programming in March.