SXsports: Tackling the Cultural Impact of Sports

Written by Austin Nauert | Wednesday, Jan 29, 2014

Think you’re not a sports person? These SXsports sessions may make you think again. With the programming roster nearly locked, the trends reflected from this impact of sports on our everyday culture are front and center at SXsports. One such area in particular is the subtle way that sports permeate our everyday lives. Whether in the language we use or clothing we wear, the influence is so omnipresent, in some cases we don’t even realize its cumulative effect on us.

In Talking the Talk: Sports Lingo in Pop Culture, a core conversation with the venerable University of Michigan Professor Andrei Markovits, we’ll look at both the global and local effect sports has on everyday vernacular and communication. Of particular interest will be how Professor Markovits compares and contrasts the influence of sports in Europe versus America.

Lia Vakoutis and Jon Wexler from Adidas will speak to the levels of Baller Status: Sports Brands’ Impact On Culture, exploring the intersection of entertainment and athletic brand culture, and the increasingly blurred lines between them. Lia and Jon also will also discuss the amplification of this effect due to the proliferation of social media.

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