When ‘Stars’ or ‘Likes’ Aren’t Enough, Squerb It

Written by Corinna Burford | Wednesday, Mar 5, 2014

A perfect pairing for the event-packed week of SXSW, Squerb is a fun new app that allows users to express complex feelings and opinions about pretty much everything with a few taps on a unique visual field. Attendees can use Squerb to record, share and rate the events, films, venues, food trucks, panels and a million other things happening at the conference as they happen. Meaning, registrants can use the app to make last minute decisions on what to attend based on the opinions of people already there.

For content creators and brands, Squerb offers much more useful feedback than a simple “star” rating. In addition to seeing how popular your film, talk, performance or product was, you see exactly what people liked or didn't like about it, and with Squerb’s unique data, why. The app is visually clear and easy to use, graphing people’s opinions real-time. Squerb also works well with Twitter and Facebook on IOS and Android, desktop and mobile browsers.

Check them out at Startup Debut and Startup Corner in the SXSW Trade Show, Sunday, March 9 - Wednesday, March 12, in the Austin Convention Center, Exhibit Halls 3 and 4. Visit them at both places for t-shirts and prizes (and if you’re lucky, punch and cookies).

For opinions on all the latest happenings at SXSW, visit squerb.com/sxsw