SXSW V2V: What Happens In Vegas Will Not Be Forgotten!

Written by Jessica Cox | Thursday, Aug 15, 2013

Lauren Bush keynote conversation at SXSW V2V

Concluding with peak energy, the final day of the first-ever SXSW V2V in Las Vegas featured a no-holds-barred pitch competition, inspiring keynote, incredible speakers and once-in-a-lifetime networking opportunities.

The SXSW V2Venture rapid-fire pitch competition attracted over 200 applicants, of which 35 finalists and alternates were chosen to showcase their company’s product or service in front of a live audience. The seven category winners of this competition earned the powerful distinction of being called the latest in cutting-edge technology by a curated panel of industry experts, early adopters, investors and representatives from the venture capital community.
Education Technologies: LightSail
Health Technologies: Soundfest
Mobile and Tablet Technologies: Tipbit
Culture and Entertainment Technologies: Zazoo
Innovative World Technologies: Growing Plant
Best Bootstrap: Helios Bars
Speed Pitch: Handii

Also on Wednesday, August 14, Lauren Bush Lauren, fashion entrepreneur and founder of FEED, inspired audiences during the closing SXSW V2V keynote. Lauren's noble pursuit to tackle world hunger by bundling the cost to feed a child in school for one year into the price of a consumer product has garnered nationwide attention. She shared stories of the hurdles she had to overcome to have her bag sold in her dream store, Whole Foods, and how similar partnerships have now become critical to the company's expansion. She also elaborated on the steps and adjustments that have been made since 2007 to allow the company to donate so much profit to assisting in eradicating world hunger. Balancing entrepreneurial aspirations with a philanthropic mission is a difficult task, and our audience resonated closely with her ability to preserver.

The topic of social good became a common thread through the day's conversations with Calvin Soh speaking about How to Make Good Contagious and our closing panel elaborating on their journey to Do Good or Die Trying: Partnerships with Impact.

Additional talks from Andy Budd (Clearleft), Liz Bacelar (Decoded Fashion) and Luke Iseman (re:char) helped the audience look at their work through a new lens.

The first SXSW V2V app launch took place on the 20/20 Vision stage during a presentation by 12-year-old developer Ethan Duggan and his father Rick. Ethan launched this new app only five months after launching his first app at SXSW Interactive in March"Bargument", a play on words from an argument that occurs in bar, allows users to type in any subject which will generate a fake Wikipedia page on that topic so the speaker can prove their point. Ethan and Rick also spoke on the importance of improving the social acceptance of child developers. The pair hopes to erradicate stigmas and make "coding the new football".

On Wednesday evening at Hyde Bellagio, SXSW V2V registrants celebrated the conclusion of the event while surrounded by new friends. The beautiful venue and picturesque scenery provided incredible ambiance for a night that will always be remembered!

Immense thanks to everyone who assisted and participated in making the event such a success. We are overwhelmed by our inspiring community and their passion for connections. We hope you enjoyed this first event as much as we did! See you next year!

What is SXSW V2V?

SXSW V2V offers entrepreneurs from across all creative industries a space to learn the skills, make the connections and find the inspiration to take their ideas and talents to the next level. Read more about why the startup community is converging in Las Vegas this week.

Looking for more entrepreneurial programming? SXSW Interactive this March 7-11, 2014 in Austin features a number of startup-centric events including SXSW Accelerator, Startup Village and SXSW Startup Austin.

Lauren Bush Lauren keynote at SXSW V2V in Las Vegas . Photo by Jessica Cox.