Reggie Watts Gets (Even More) Musical

Written by Samantha Pitchel | Monday, Sep 16, 2013
Last week on Comedy Bang! Bang!, bandleader Reggie Watts and host Scott Aukerman – both longtime alums of SXSW Comedy – took their eclectic talk show to the next level. A musical level. Complete with a Phantom (Thomas Lennon), Andrew Lloyd Webber (Paul F. Tompkins), a damsel in distress (Casey Wilson), and…a Spiderman: Turn Off The Dark tribute? Indeed. And leave it to Watts – best known for his dizzying, auto-looped, stream-of-consciousness beatboxing – to put a fresh spin on a showtune:

(If you forgot to DVR it, no worries, it’s on Amazon.)

For more musical treats from Comedy Bang! Bang!, check out Reggie Makes Music, a web series where Watts composes tunes with special guests (like this duet with Sarah Silverman, and Adam Devine’s ballad about best friends).

Comedy Bang! Bang! debuted at SXSW Comedy 2012, and is currently in its second season on IFC.

Photo by Mandee Johnson