Reason to Attend SXSW Eco: Challenge Your Perspectives

Written by Julie Yost | Tuesday, Aug 27, 2013

Photo courtesy TheEnvironmentalBlog.orgProvocative discussions and spirited debates are an exciting part of SXSW Eco, and our 2013 program promises to challenge your preconceived notions of good and evil. It's our mission as a conference not to be one-dimensional, but to bring these important conversations to center stage. Our community is widely diverse and includes a range of perspectives; likewise the solutions put forward to address global challenges are varied and feature expert opinions you might not hear at traditional sustainability conferences. Below is a short list of sessions that we look forward to for the interesting conversations they are bound to spark.

Pandora's Pathway: The Road to a Nuclear Future: Following the Monday night film screening of Pandora’s Promise, this session breaks away from the typical, polarized debate to explore the technological, political, and economic barriers to nuclear power.

Big Oil: An Ally to Cleantech?: This session explores how the investment into clean energy technologies from big oil and gas companies is spurring innovation.

From the Field: The Financial Conflict for Sustainable Ag: A provocative and contentious dialogue between leaders of established ag companies, VCs investing in ag and CEOs of ag startup companies will highlight the differences in perspectives of these different groups.m

Robots, Buildings & You: How Cyborg Technologies Will Win: Learn to stop worrying and love the robot takeover through this Straight to the Point talk that outlines the current and future uses of cyborg tech in architecture.

Still need more? You can see all of our reasons to attend SXSW Eco 2013 here. Check out our complete schedule of events here and register now to attend SXSW Eco now to become a part of these critical conversations!

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