A SXSW Eco Emerging Theme: Changing What's Possible

Written by Julie Yost | Thursday, Sep 19, 2013

Photo credit: cikaga jamie via photopin ccAt SXSW Eco, one of the key themes for 2013 is the idea of changing what's possible. We're showcasing a range of exciting speakers, trailblazing companies and innovative projects that are rethinking the ordinary and creating buzz. Below are some of our favorite sessions that push the limits of the status quo.

  • In a special energy session titled, you guessed it, "Changing What's Possible," Cheryl Martin, Deputy Director of the Advanced Research Project – Energy (ARPA-E) will discuss the energy innovation ecosystem and ARPA-E’s role in advancing high-energy, high-impact technologies to create a more secure and affordable American future. Dr. Martin will also highlight the innovative new programs ARPA-E has launched over the past year, examples of early technical and market success from ARPA-E’s projects, and how to agency works to advance projects beyond ARPA-E funding with its Tech-2-Market Program.

  • A major concern of global urbanization and population growth is how to feed people without sacrificing quality and human and environmental health. In "Hunger Solutions: Feeding 10 Billion People, cutting-edge (and perhaps disconcerting) solutions such as eating insects and in vitro meat will be examined by a panel of scientific and food experts.

  • Rives Taylor, a Principal of Gensler will take changing what's possible to a new level in his session "Turning Flood Waters into Liquid Assets." Rives will explore how design can help turn disastrous flood waters into amenities for urban areas.

    These are only a few sessions in our lineup that highlight how innovation and bold visions are changing what’s possible for our future. If you want to see more panels with forward thinking ideas, log in to your SXSW Eco Social account now to create your personal schedule for SXSW Eco. Haven't registered yet? Buy a badge and book your hotel by this Friday to save!!!

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    Photo credit: cikaga jamie via photopin cc