Apply to the SXSW Eco Place by Design Competition

Written by Jordan Roberts | Friday, Jun 27, 2014
SXSW Eco 2013 - Place by Design - PROXY, 72 Hour Urban Action, and POP Neighborhood Stories

Designing better public places is a crucial component of cultivating sustainable development and lifestyles. Place by Design, the SXSW Eco Public Space Design Competition, honors visionary design work that achieves positive community impact through the creation or re-imagining of public spaces.

Underutilized public space exists in nearly every city from a street without bike access to an alley or even an old phone booth. For many years resourceful citizens have taken on projects to reinvent public spaces for the better and these initiatives are often referred to as "tactical urbanism" or “placemaking.” These projects are conducted with or without municipal permission and can have many goals, from improving transportation and conserving resources to encouraging fun and engaging activities within the space.

Good design has the ability to reflect a community’s culture and compels people to engage with their everyday surroundings. Vibrant public spaces signify a vibrant community and will be maintained and conserved for years to come. Place by Design will highlight projects that transform the way communities interact with place as a means of inspiring our attendees to improve their own places. View the winners and finalists of last year's competition here.

Place by Design is open to professional and student submissions; projects can take any form as long as they have a positive social and environmental impact and involve public space.

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Application Deadline: July 15, 2014