Chevy Loves SXSW

Written by Andrea Barbosa | Monday, Oct 28, 2013

To follow up the excitement of the BIG SXSW 2014 programming announcements, Chevrolet, a super sponsor of SXSW for the past five years, has put together a list of their “Top Things We Love about SXSW” to share in the anticipation.

1. Texas BBQ

No trip to Texas is complete without finger-lickin’ BBQ. From Salt Lick to Stubbs, Chevrolet loves the parties and events that offer endless amounts of our favorite Texas meal.
Catch A Chevy

2. Complimentary Rides (especially when it rains)

With over 70,000 people flocking to the Texas Capital each March, it’s hard to find a taxicab. That’s why Chevy is there to navigate festival-goers through downtown’s crowded streets to the next panel or party, at no cost!
Grumpy Cat

3. Spotting Grumpy Cat

Last year when this feline stole the show, the Chevy team was first in line to make her acquaintance and offer her a ride. Each year, Chevrolet soaks up the incredible VIP sightings at SXSW.
Official SXSW Music Showsase

4. Getting Up Close and Personal with Grammy Award Winning Artists

The best part of SXSW Music is all the intimate venues. Nothing is better than hearing your favorite artist, or discovering someone new, with 1,000 of your closest friends.
Volt Technology

5. Testing Out the New Tech

With so many innovators, techies, executives, performers and enthusiasts all in one city, Chevrolet uses the conference as a stage to debut new technology. From the Chevrolet Volt to Siri Eyes Free, Chevrolet has been showcasing new technology at SXSW for the past five years.

Needless to say, Chevrolet is excited about SXSW 2014. They are looking forward to finding new roads, panels, parties and amazing experiences to share with festival-goers this year.

Check back for more of Chevrolet’s SXSW favorites in an upcoming post!