Panel Podcast - Girls In Tech: Why Young Women Rule in Music

Written by Bobby Nall | Wednesday, Jun 12, 2013

Photos by Robert M. Ward

Rae Votta's (MTV Networks) self-described "obsession with obsession" is at the core of this wonderfully fresh look at the role young women are playing as both consumers and informal promoters of music in today's industry.

From Beatlemania to Beiber Fever, it's not news that young women can play a huge role in an artist's mainstream success, but this panel suggests we can learn a lot from how they share info, tell stories and foster deeper connections with artists - and how that can be respected and utilized by musicians, labels, brands, and more.

Joining Rae are Megan Westerby, VP of Marketing at The Collective Digital Studio, Lindsay Gabler, Social Media Specialist for The Recording Academy, Shana Krochmal, Contributing Editor at OUT Magazine, and Danielle Strle, Director of Product at Tumblr.

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