AT&T and American Airlines Collaborate with Leading Developers to Rethink Travel Apps

Written by Jordan Roberts | Friday, Mar 15, 2013

Super sponsors AT&T and American Airlines came together last weekend to create one of the most productive events in all of SXSW 2013 when they hosted the "Travel Hack." AT&T Hackathons bring together accomplished and aspiring developers with tools, expert mentors and others who share their passion and complement their skills to create exciting mobile technology innovations and solution. This particular Hackathon was aimed towards rethinking how mobile apps help us get around the world. They challenged more than 60 developers to create travel apps within a 30-hour coding timeframe that incorporated unreleased APIs from both AT&T and American Airlines, then an expert panel of judges chose the 3 winners from the 15 apps that had been developed and awarded them huge cash prizes.

The first place prize of this year's Hackathon went to the developers behind AirPing, an app that provides users with live updates for flight changes or delays and estimated travel time to the airport. These Hackathons are innovation marathons that exercise the creative juices of developers and non-techies alike, challenging them to collaboratively conceive new ideas for apps and then quickly build a working prototype. The developers of AirPing managed to accomplish this so well that they took home $10,000. If you are a developer interested in learning new tricks to produce quality apps in less time and with less expense, as well as pursuing entrepreneurial opportunities, membership to the AT&T Developer Program is free to all at

The AT&T and American Airlines Travel Hack at SXSW is one example of how AT&T drives innovation through collaboration, working with key sponsors to bring third-party developers the environment needed to accelerate the pace at which new apps and services can be brought forth to enhance the customer's mobile experience. To learn more about the winners, check out AT&T Innovation Space.