Audience Award Winners Announced!

Written by Jim Kolmar | Saturday, Mar 16, 2013
<p><span class="caption right"><img src="/sites/default/files/news/image/Maidentrip_credit_Photo_Courtesy_of_Maidentrip.jpg" width="1024" alt="" />Image from Maidentrip, courtesy Filmmakers</span></p>The votes are in! Audiences have been frantically handing in post-screening ballots all week, and we're pleased to finally reveal the winners of the **SXSW 2013 Audience Awards** - click on a title to select the repeat screenings for your schedule! **Narrative Feature Competition** <a href="">SHORT TERM 12</a> 03/16/2013, Topfer Theatre at ZACH, 9:30 PM **Documentary Feature Competition** <a href="">THE SHORT GAME</a> 03/16/2013, Stateside Theatre, 6:45 PM **24 Beats Per Second** <a href="">A BAND CALLED DEATH</a> 03/16/2013, Vimeo Theater, 7:15 PM **Visions** <a href="">MAIDENTRIP</a> 03/16/2013, Alamo Ritz 1, 9:30 PM **Narrative Spotlight** <a href="">ZERO CHARISMA</a> 03/16/2013, Stateside Theatre, 9:30 PM **Documentary Spotlight** <a href="">AN UNREAL DREAM: THE MICHAEL MORTON STORY</a> 03/16/2013, Vimeo Theater, 9:45 PM **Midnighters** <a href="">CHEAP THRILLS</a> 03/16/2013, Alamo Ritz 1, 11:59 PM **SXGlobal** <a href="">THE PUNK SYNDROME</a> 03/16/2013, Alamo Ritz 2, 10:30 PM **Festival Favorites** <a href="">THE CRASH REEL</a> 03/16/2013, Alamo Ritz 1, 7:00 PM **Excellence in Poster Design** <a href="">Kiss of the Damned</a> **Excellence in Title Design** <a href="">Chasing Shakespeare</a>