Chevrolet at SXSW: Progressive Ideas of a Modern Carmaker

Written by Chris Patin | Monday, Mar 4, 2013
<span class="caption"><img src="/sites/default/files/styles/large/public/news/image/2013-Chevrolet-SonicRS-083-medium.jpg?itok=MUMYrBbl" width="480" />Image courtesy of Chevrolet</span> Throughout SXSW, Chevrolet will showcase a variety of in-vehicle technology and research that aims to inspire festival-goers to steer off the beaten path. The Chevrolet team aims to show how technology, like <a href="">Chevrolet MyLink</a>, allows a personalized in-vehicle experience with the information you want and the music you love. The <a href="">2013 Chevrolet Sonic</a> and <a href="">Spark</a> are the first vehicles to offer <a href="">Siri Eyes Free</a> integration, complementing Chevrolet MyLink's existing capabilities to help deliver an incredible driving experience.  Revving up its venture in sustainability, Chevrolet will be checking-in with the one-of-a-kind <a href="">Pecan Street Inc.'s Mueller community</a> in Austin, Texas, where researchers actively monitor and map smart grid technology - including the use of Chevrolet Volts - as part of a test bed for sustainable living. Using OnStar, Chevrolet recently introduced a concept app called EcoHub that allows Volt owners in the Mueller community to see exactly how much it costs them to charge their vehicle and compare that against their overall home energy use. The app also allows users to see the current impact of all Volts on the market, with a live ticker showing total miles driven, total EV miles driven and total gallons of fuel saved. This community currently holds the nation's most residential electric vehicle in one concentrated area, about 85% of which are Chevrolet Volts.