SXSW 2013 Panelist Preview: Jason Spitz

Written by Bobby Nall | Friday, Jan 25, 2013
<span class="caption right"><img src="/sites/default/files/styles/medium/public/news/image/jasonspitz.jpg" width="220" height="219" alt="SXSW Panelist Jason Spitz" title="SXSW Panelist Jason Spitz" class="image-medium" /></span>SXSW Music 2013 will feature hundreds of the music industry's most influential and notable figures, discussing the most important issues in the business. This is your chance to meet some of our esteemed panelists! Here's a quick interview with 2013 Music panelist __Jason Spitz__, __Chief Awesome Officer (The Spitz Agency)__, who will attend SXSW for the 3rd time this year. Artists, be sure to check out his panel, [_Build a Profitable D2F Business (Key Word: Profit)_]( this March! ---------- __Number of times you've attended SXSW:__ <br> Three (including this one) __What are you most looking forward to at SXSW:__ <br> Seeing all my friends and colleagues from around the world when they all converge on Austin! It's the only time I see some of them all year. __What's the best thing you've heard (or overheard) at SXSW:__ <br> The Tontons, a sexy band from Houston __Briefly, what is your panel about, and why should we go to your panel?__ <br> Lots of tools will let you build a direct-to-fan store and sell products. But a D2F campaign can easily lose money or barely break even if you don't follow the proper plan. This panel will teach you how to run a PROFITABLE D2F campaign, no matter how big or small your band is. Panelists from labels, management, and agencies will use their own successes and failures to highlight these crucial lessons. You'll leave with handy spreadsheets and calendars you can use right away. __What's the most important issue in music today?__ <br> How to reset fans' expectations so they become more accustomed to spending money on music and on artists' goods. The trend is toward people wanting everythng for free, and that is simply not sustainable. __What was your first job in the music industry?__ <br> Working three internships simultaneously: one at a publishing/management firm and two at record labels. One of the labels opened up an entry-level position, and that's how I got my start. __Any tips for first-time attendees?__ <br> Network - but follow up with your contacts. Followup is the most important step.