SXSW Interactive 2013 Advisory Board Recommended Programming: Chris Messina, Cassondra Schindler and Martha Gimbut

Written by Sarah Garcia | Wednesday, Feb 20, 2013

 Martha Gimbut, Chris Messina, and Cassondra Schindler (Photo by Elise Jones) (L-R) Martha Gimbut, Chris Messina, and Cassondra Schindler

The SXSW Interactive Festival Advisory Board consists of industry experts, as well as veteran members of the community that come together in Austin each spring. Advisory Board members are very involved in helping select the best of the best proposals, which SXSW receives each year through the SXSW PanelPicker. We asked Advisory Board members Chris Messina, Cassondra Schindler and and Martha Gimbut of Gimbut and Associates the following question...

"What are you most excited about for SXSW Interactive 2013?"


Chris Messina: Elon Musk. I mean, if we're ever going to get back to space (in a real humanly way), this guy's going to be involved, right?

Cassondra Schindler: Tina Roth Eisenberg aka Swiss Miss. She's a brilliant collaborator and understands the importance of community. I'm always looking for inspiration on how to turn what we love into what we do.

Martha Gimbut: The Julie Uhrman keynote interests me the most, specifically due to the teaser of a discussion of new (or emerging) business models.

Featured Sessions

Chris: Nate Silver. That guy knows his s**t and practically foretold the 2012 election. I don't know why I was worried; Nate certainly wasn't — nor was his data!

Cassondra: Spreadable Media: Value, Meaning & Network Culture – a huge fan of Jenkins' emphasis on sharing as an active choice versus passive behavior.

Martha : I am interested in the session with John Mackey...I know his work and have his new book. It will be interesting to see how germaine and specific this discussion is relative to the SXSW Interactive audience. I am not certain the detail will be sufficient.

Workshops, Book Readings, Meet Ups

Chris: I'm interested in the storytelling workshop. With the seduction of rapid-fire, knee-jerk mediums popular today, being able to build a narrative that sustains interest over time is an increasingly valuable skill to develop.

Cassondra: Workshops – Yes, and . . . A Design Thinking Bootcamp because I enjoy every opportunity to suspend my disbelief. Meet Ups – Transmedia meetup of meetups sounds epic.

Martha: Workshops – The Intentionally Dealing with Responsive Design workshop is interesting – very applied. I prefer specifics and hands-on for development topics and this session appears to be hands-on and practical. Meet Ups – The Food and Tech meetup is interesting to me since I have found I use online sources for my cooking needs. I seek more tools as a home "foodie".


Cassondra: A Movement Online to End Female Genital Cutting with Ruthie Taylor addresses a social issue that is often hushed, ignored and / or avoided.

By Date: Friday, March 8 sessions

Cassondra: Looking forward to opening remarks from Bre Pettis because he is awesome.

Martha : I am interested in the Unification of Physics session. My inner geek is intrigued by particle physics.

By Date: Saturday, March 9 sessions

Cassondra: Do Great Things: Your Role in the Human Project with Justin Rosenstein because the future of networked intelligence and compassion begins within.

Martha : A session that has caught my attention is the Data Science Through the Lens of Journalism discussion. There are many sessions that are intriguing, but the concept of visualization of data/data science as a tool for cool.

By Date: Monday, March 11 sessions

Cassondra: Connecting & Empowering the Creative World with Scott Belsky. As an independent consultant, connecting creators with projects they love is one of my favorite incidental roles. At the same time, I'd love to help them get discovered, connected, appreciated on their own. Belsky's, Making Ideas Happen was one of my top book recommendations in 2012, I'm betting that he's got great insights on what comes next.

Martha: I am interested in the New Knowledge Ecosystems panel – qualified speakers with an interesting list of questions I had not really considered, but would like to hear more!

By Date: Tuesday, March 12 sessions

Cassondra: Matthew Inman gets comedy, community and how to turn lemons into lemonade. His keynote is bound to entertain.

Martha: Reputation as a Currency has piqued my interest – specifically how one should look to manage reputation and contributions in the digital world. Not everyone is able to spend time managing their digital identity across the various platforms, but it is so important.

What trend / meme / idea / product will emerge from SXSW 2013?

Chris: 3D printing. It's right on the cusp of taking off, and there are enough believers to suggest that it's almost upon us (like local, social networking! ha!).

Martha: It seems to me, that space exploration technologies and businesses are dominant in the sessions this year. I wish there were more topics on the applications and growth of applications bridging embedded systems, neural interfaces and digital privacy.

Thanks to Chris, Cassondra, and Martha for contributing to this post. Stay tuned to the blog, follow us, friend us, or add us for more Advisory Board recommendations in the coming days...