SXSW Interactive 2013 Advisory Board Recommended Programming: Juan Garcia, Michael Crider, and Karen Bantuveris

Written by Sarah Garcia | Wednesday, Feb 20, 2013

Juan Garcia, Karen Bantuveris and Michael Crider(L-R) Juan Garcia, Karen Bantuveris and Michael Crider

The SXSW Interactive Festival Advisory Board consists of industry experts, as well as veteran members of the community that come together in Austin each spring. Advisory Board members are very involved in helping select the best of the best proposals, which SXSW receives each year through the SXSW PanelPicker. We asked Advisory Board members Juan Garcia of "Energy at the Movies" , Michael Crider of The Crider Company, and Karen Bantuveris of VolunteerSpot the following question...

"What are you most excited about for SXSW Interactive 2013?"

Featured Sessions

Juan Garcia: Don't miss Spreadable Media: Value, Meaning & Network Culture with the Godfather of Transmedia - Henry Jenkins! While previously a mostly academic buzz word, "transmedia" is quickly becoming the nomenclature for multiplatform storytelling from entertainment to education, and a pertinent 21st century engagement tool. Here's a chance to learn from Jenkins, who literally wrote the book on transmedia storytelling.

Michael Crider: Tales of US Entrepreneurship Beyond Silicon Valley, because there are commonalities in non-SV geographies and it would be interesting to see solutions to their issues.


Michael: SXSW is a living thing, a never-ending trade-off between time, distance, and personal and device energy. Asking to pick a single session is like asking to chose among one's children.

Karen Bantuveris: How to Make the Internet Care – Panelists from CNN & take on the intersection of news & advocacy

Workshops, Book Readings, Meet Ups

Juan Garcia: Workshop – Really looking forward to How to Get Fans to Spread Your Message on Tuesday, March 12th at 3:30pm. Every business – and every employee – should know how to generate buzz and affinity for your brand, no matter what your product is. This is a must attend session for everyone, and a great opportunity to dust off your elevator pitch.

Michael: Workshop – Yes, and . . . A Design Thinking Bootcamp – because design comes from creativity and it's just what you see in front of you. Meet Ups – Space Social featuring NASA – Because you can talk with astronauts! or Digital Teleportation Meet Up – No matter how people get to this meetup, it'll be the leaving that will be cool.

Karen: Workshop – Hackathon for Social Good – can't wait to meet the participants and see what GOOD we cook up! Meet Up – Space Social featuring NASA – that's just cool!


Michael: Emily Bazelon, who tried to get into the heads of kids who bully. You might think this would be mostly boys, but you'd be wrong.

Karen: Talking with the "Jon Stewart of the Arab World" – heard about this guy, excited to see him live.

By Date: Friday, March 8 sessions

Michael: Toward the Unification of Physics – Boundaries of reality is the ultimate reality kicker or I Know Where You're Going: Location as Biometric – The only way to guard against the surveillance society is to know their capabilities.

Karen: I Know Where You're Going: Location as Biometric – privacy, civil liberties, what I likely don't want to really know about how my data is defining me.

By Date: Saturday, March 9 sessions

Michael: 100 Mistakes from Contributor to Chief Officer – Quickest way to fail faster is to watch others do it for you or Talking with the "Jon Stewart of the Arab World" – Satire, perfectly suited for internet attentions spans, as a political force.

Karen: Creativity & Mayhem: Anonymous Communities at Work – can't wait to see these leaders talk about Anonymous and chaotic cultures affecting activism, politics and creativity online.

By Date: Sunday, March 10 sessions

Michael: Startups@DC: Max Political Impact, Minimum Effort and I Overthrew My Government...Now What? – Learn from insiders what works in political activism, what doesn't and how to leverage social channels

Karen: Taboo Travel – Area 51, giant floating plastic garbage island – I'm intrigued!

By Date: Monday, March 11 sessions

Michael: These aren't hidden, but...Shaq Goes Social: The Big Interview – Shaq is transitioning his personal brand to it's third phase...if he can do it three times, you can do it once! Also, The Future of Location: From Social to Utility – Foursquare put Gowalla out of business, but still struggles with profitability. What can Crowley describe about Location Based Services that Foursquare hasn't tried yet, but that can help you?

Karen: Unlikely Bedfellows...Yours Awaits – surprise partnerships bring the magic

By Date: Tuesday, March 12 sessions

Michael: Esther Dyson, Release 0.9 – Because she's a crazy past the edge thinker or Why Shopping Will Never Be the Same – More than anyone, EBay has reinvented itself into a mobile shopping juggernaut. They're playing with every technology short of telepathy, and I wouldn't count that out.

Karen: The Rise of the Impact Entrepreneur – startups unleashing digital technology on some of the world's biggest problems – including Ariel Schwartz of Fast Company

Venue where I am most likely to hang out

Michael: All, because I'll bring my bike.

Karen: Mixing venues that are professionally aligned with those that I find personally intriguing: Austin Convention Center (Community and Activism) Austin Convention Center (Government and Civic Engagement) Four Seasons (Entrepreneurialism and Business) Hyatt (Culture and Entertainment) Omni (Art & Inspiration) Omni (Science & Space Exploration) Sheraton (Social & Relationships)

Parties and Lounges

Juan: The Turner Lounge is an old favorite, and a fun spot to rub elbows with celebs (film and interactive alike) while you cool your heels. The Interactive Closing party is also a can't miss event, and the perfect place to wish bon voyage to all the new friends you've made.

Michael: Anywhere I can recharge myself and my phone.

Karen: The Beacon: Lounge with a Conscience – the best oasis for do-gooder geeks @ SXSW.

What I am looking forward to at the SXSW Trade Show

Michael: I think the SXSW Trade Show gets better every year, and 2013 should be no exception. The SXSW Gaming Expo being free is a huge Valentine to Austin and gamers everywhere.

What trend / meme / idea / product will emerge from SXSW 2013?

Juan: 2013 is the year we get serious about online content and distribution models for television, and the blurring lines between your TV and computer will finally disappear. True "social TV" - where mass audiences connect and engage live - is my top trend to watch for.

Michael: The loop of Creativity > Design > Maker Production > Personal Retail that will bring thousands of new ideas and products to micro markets.

Most memorable serendipitous encounter at SXSW

Karen: There are so many, I can't even start. SXSW magic IS the serendipitous encounter. Be open, available and join in!

Thanks to Juan, Michael and Karen for contributing to this post. Stay tuned to the blog, follow us, friend us, or add us for more Advisory Board recommendations in the coming days...