Written by Jordan Roberts | Tuesday, Mar 12, 2013
<span class="caption"><img src="/sites/default/files/styles/large/public/news/image/sxsw_krewella.jpg?itok=pT8xtaXd" width="480" height="291" alt="2013 SXSW Showcasing Band Krewella" class="image-large" />2013 SXSW Showcasing Band Krewella - Live @ VEVO TV Control Room</span> VEVO always has a blast at SXSW, and [our 2013 parties]( are no different. This week all sorts of action can be found at the VEVO TV Control Room. They’ve got a huge announcement for you on Tuesday afternoon. The hot L.A. sister act HAIM are our special guests on Tuesday night, and on Wednesday the crazed EDM of Krewella will turn the place upside down. DJ Earworm is on hand to keep bodies moving during the entire stretch. Visual art is part of the scene as well. Famed artist Shepard Fairey is installing a mural on the west wall of the Control Room – he’ll reveal it on Wednesday. And NYC’s IndieWalls crew will also paint live throughout the week. Here’s a [schedule breakdown]( of where you need to be. Hit their [Foursquare page]( for check-in opportunities, and follow the Twitter action on @VEVO and #AlwaysOn + #VEVOSXSW. Check out updates on [Facebook]( and [Tumblr](, too! [SEE THE VEVO SXSW SCHEDULE](